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Friday, December 19, 2008

I must have swim trunks!

If you’re new to my blog we have an exchange student staying with us until June. Two weeks ago we got a slip of paper from his school letting us know about a field trip to a pool (yes in the winter) for 12/18. I asked him about the swim trunks he wore you know 4 months ago! He informed me they were fine and that was last I heard about it!

That is until Sunday Rick comes up to me, do you know that Roy needs swim trunks for Thursday? What? I asked him 2 weeks ago and he told me they were fine. Well he just told me that he told you he needed new ones and now he’s freaking out since it’s only a few days away. Ugh … Really does everything have to be like this? So I go to his room and ask about the swim trunks. I get the usual look; you know the one where I have a 3rd eye growing out my forehead! Did I sleep thru this conversation where you told me you needed swim trunks? Is this what it will be like when the boys are teenagers? Oh I have dreams of concert nights and running around trying to find black pants.

Back to the point! Do you know how hard it is to find swim trunks in December? You know since we’re having a freak snow storm going on also! So late Sunday night I dress everyone warm and hope in the car, two stores later and no swim trunks. I have a pissy exchange student who swears to me that he CAN NOT wear the old shorts. Along with two grumpy boys who didn’t get anything while we were out, mental note giving the boys something each time we go to a store was not my best idea ever. Now each time we walk into a store their grubby little hands reach out, like the money tree grew an extra branch!

Ooops off track again! So Monday you know between making cookies and grocery store runs, we try two more stores. Thankfully our last stop has swim trunks and even better they were only $5, being a thrifty mom I know I would appreciate this. For some reason I doubt that is the case on the other end.

So here we were Wednesday night in the middle of a snow storm, school was cancelled that day will it be cancelled again the next day? Yup you know it School was cancelled again, so those swim trunks that made me shed a few handfuls of hair are sitting in a bag. Do you think it would be mean to make him run around outside in them? Just playing would server him right for being a turd and making me go crazy last minute trying to find a pair. All I have to say is those better be warn before he goes back home!

Yup this would be a cute look. Don't you think?


  1. Oy. But of course school was canceled. What a headache!

    LOL at the pic :)

  2. It wouldn't be life if it wasn't. LOL something to laugh at right?

    Thanks for checking my blog out:).

    One of my favorites I found!

  3. OK...that's just nuts! What the heck are they going to a pool for anyway? Congrats on your blog awayrd too!
    Merry Christmas
    Hugs, Vanessa

    Posted by Ms. Vanessa on Friday, December 19, 2008 - 3:41 PM

  4. I know my sam thought! Thanks Ms. Vanessa I've missed your comements. Hugs and Merry Christmas


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