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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fun things I learned While In CA

Mom Minnie Ears

  • Make sure you sit next to a skinny person if your fluffy on the flight.  So your “booty overflow” doesn’t touch them Smile.
  • Blinkers are not even optional there, I mean not even used.  I was blown away with people bobbing and weaving out of traffic.  Rick just laughed and said that was just how it was here. I was cringing in my seat.
  • Not always a lot of smiles and Hello’s.  I think this may be a Washington thing that we say Hello to everyone.
  • Ladies will wear HIGH heels to Disney …. Who the HECK wears high heel shoes to a park.  CRAP my tenny shoes even gave me a blister!
  • Ladies will wear skirts (like business type) to a park?
  • Some people wear things I would expect to see at a beach not at a park, had to shield boys eyes a few times … lol ALONG with Ricks.
  • IF you are walking slow to get to a line (you know dragging kids behind you) people will actually speed up and walk in front of you to get in line!
  • People have no camera manners, they will walk right in front of you while taking a picture.
  • You CAN bring in snacks for the kids to the park, we were even able to bring in Capri Suns.  YES that was a life saver and money saver!
  • If your legs get chapped and need baby powder and you’re in a pinch you will pay $5.99 for a mini bottle you would find in the travel section for $.99!  Oh yes had to do that!
  • IF you need bobby pins to hold back your hair when in a convertible and you’re in a pinch you’ll pay $6.99 for those also that you would find in a travel section for $.99!  Yup did that also!

So when you visit there make sure you sit next to a skinny person and learn to suck it in for a 2 hour flight!  Bathrooms are also tight so you may want to pee before you get on and avoid all drinks on the flight!  Make sure you pack cotton pants because new capris in the heat and walking will lead to chapping which then leads to expensive baby powder!  Be ready to drive fast and move the heck out of the way you never know when the person to the side of you may decide he wants your spot on the freeway!   Get your mean face on if your taking a picture let ppl know you mean business if they step in front of your view!  Pack Band-Aids for yourself, heck you may have to pass it out to the people in high heels!

Have fun, this was all done in fun.  We had a blast and you know me I will always find something to laugh about.  Take no offense California or Disney we loved you!


  1. Glad you had so much fun in spite of the erm, chapping issues

  2. I don't understand the high heels either. Comfort is the key.

    Your comment about fluffiness on the flight made me giggle, but I did have to sit next to one recently and it did make me uncomfortable because she really was touching me.

  3. That sounds great. I have never been to either place. We hope to take the girls some day. I have a new post up with new photo's of the girls.

  4. Thanks for all of the tips. ;-)
    You look smashing with the Mickey ears on.

  5. I love the Mickey ears! :)

    Very cute recap! I always say hi, so it must be a WA thing.

    I love your smile girlie! :)

  6. lol great post darls chuckled a few times :) i must say some of those things r world wide unfortunately...the camera thing....the heels rather then comfort...and the whole plane thing LOL u know im "fluffly" picture me(6months preg) Nate, Loch on a flight from Detroit to LA and then from LA to Sydney lol....SOOOOO not comfortable and peeing.....every hlf n hr....oh did i mention my leg was in a brace? HA lol :) yea flyin NOT my fav thing lol...and then flyin in sept with a 8wk old...LOL that was totally not fun...i dont reccomend anyone doing that...from Sydney to Hawaii...!! We are hopin to get a visit in to Disney on our trip home thanks for the tips :)

  7. LOL. I've never been to Disney but we are going in 2 years, and trust me there will be no high heels from this mama. Ouch!

  8. Booty overflow.... You make me giggle! I hate flying.

    You look sp deng cute in those ears! I'm so glad you had a great time and I couldn't handle traffic there. Hell, I can't handle it HERE!

  9. I couldn't imagine wearing heels to Disney! That seems crazy. The beach type clothing would make a little sense if there were water rides?

    That's great that you can take your own food-I heard the prices were outrageous! Some friends of ours talked about making sandwiches for lunches while they were at Disney World in Feb. to save money.


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