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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saying Goodbye and a Special Gift

I was able to take the kids and myself over to my grandmother’s house on Sunday.  We tried to go Saturday but it was just not a good idea.  It was so sad to see a women I’ve come to know and love that is as some say a spitfire.  She was feisty full of life and could drink any man under the table.  This tumor has taken a toll on her body and she is fading quickly.  She still has her sense of humor and quick wit.  She had me and my cousin laughing over the silly things she said today.  I will have the family go down one more time before we leave on Wednesday.  I have a sinking feeling by the time we return from Disney she will not be the same. 

The boys did so good, no fussing and no back talking they gave her hugs and didn’t ask many questions.  Cole and I had a talk on the drive home about GG going home to God.  He has a good understanding of what is happening but I don’t think connect all the dots yet.  They sadly have been like me while I was young and not very close to her but I know they love her just like I do.

I had the boys make up a little something for her.  I found this on project Pinterest for Valentines day.  It turned out so cute and she loved it.

I added in a little saying for her with the trick I used on the canvas we made for my dad.

Blogger Pics2

I painted the boys hands first, now I accidently put the words too high so our hand heart didn’t turn out the best but still cute.  I then used both boys feet (the one I modeled it off only used one foot).

Blogger Pics3


I think this is a great gift for anytime of the year hope you try it!


  1. Cute gift idea!

    Sorry to hear she is already doing poorly.

  2. Beautiful ideas.

    Don't be sad Alexis! Have a lovely trip to Disney.

  3. Cute gift. I'll say prayers for you grandma.

  4. I hope she passes easily. My thoughts are with you and your grandmother

  5. That is just precious. I'm so terribly sorry that she's failing though.

  6. So glad you got to visit with her.
    The gift is so sweet. So sorry about her declining health. My family in Florida calls my dad GG for Great Grandpa. ((HUGS))

  7. It is so hard to face these sorts of things, especially when you have young children who don't fully understand. My thoughts are with you guys.

  8. I'm so sorry mama. You made a special gift. Big hugs

  9. So sweet, the craft probject the boys made for her.

  10. That project is so neat! LOVE it! :-)

    So nice that you've been able to visit with your grandma. Take care! :-)

  11. Hey sweetie I am so sorry to hear your news. I wish a peaceful Journey for GG and prayers and thoughts to you all.

    I love this craft idea. I am so going to get involved in Pintrest - everyones talking about it ;-)
    Much love and *hugs* xx

  12. Hey what type of paint do you use for this? Thanks!


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