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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Dinner with us we Wooo you :)

I'm so excited one of my friends came over to let our kids swim and play in the back yard.  It was a GREAT night we talked, laughed, had some good food and a few cocktails!  The only sad part was I had to work the next morning so we needed to cut it short.  But it was so fun, I can't wait to do it again!  I wanted to make something yummy for us.  I found 3 new recipes  that I tried out on our guest and I'm so excited it was a huge hit with all the kids.

I'm going to put the links to the recipes with each picture so you can click on them to see what was involved and this way not to cut and paste and make a very long post (I'm pooped and time for bed .. lol).

I first started with a fun appetizer that I found on the Weight Watcher website when I started to search for a wonton  wrapper and a cream cheese.  This recipe took it a step further and added in artichokes!!!  This Artichoke Tart is super yummy (click the name for the recipe)!

Next on my list was something fun for dinner!  Of course sticking with my wonton theme I went to my favorite website Emily Bites (again if you haven't gone there you MUST).  She posted these Lasagna Cupcakes that were such a hit with the kids I should have doubled the recipe (again click the name for the recipe).  This was so easy to make that I think I may do it again soon!

And last on my list is from another GREAT site Hungry Girl she does these amazing swaps taking high fat items and making them weight watcher friendly.  I found this super yummy blueberry cheesecake (click name for recipe).  I took blueberries for my parents yard and ran with this, it was so yummy and the kids even liked it!

Enjoy I hope you try these out they were so simple to make and I couldn't get over how much the kids enjoyed it.  My girlfriends daughter had seconds and I'm told she usually won't eat much, I was tinkled!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

 And there you have it dinner at my house :).


  1. some interesting food there sister, the lasagne cups look yum. LIke that thye all have WW points as well, so nice to see how many I could eat!

  2. I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your friend

  3. So nice. Glad you had fun!! My favorite nights are when friends come over just to hang out and have a few cocktails!

  4. Glad you had a good time with your friend. The food you prepared looks yummy.

  5. Those look cool. but I am not a big fan of artichokes.. but everything else looked yummies..

  6. Those wonton wrappers sure make some yummy and fun looking foods! :-)

    Good to hear you had such a great time with your friend! :-)

  7. I'm glad the lasagna wonton cupcakes were a hit! :)


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