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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Phewey Washer Machine

Lately my washer machine has been washing the clothes but I swear they had a little smell to them.  I goggled different ways to clean the machines.  I wanted to see a pictures (I'm on the visual side) so I also hit up Pinterest to see what I could find.  I came across a post about cleaning your top loading machine that was on the site One Good thing by Jillee. She had a great post on how to do it.  So I set out on cleaning my machine and I must say it was pretty easy and it came out smelling great and now the clothes after being washed don't have that funny smell as before, so I say it was a score!

What you need:
Top LoadingWasher Machine - of course lol
1 Quart Chlorine Bleach
1 Quart Distilled White Vinegar
Cup to Measure & Pour
HOT Water

Fill machine with HOT water (mine has the button hot/cold).  Add in Bleach (JUST bleach no detergent) let the machine agitate for a minute, then close the lid push the button in and let it SIT for one hour.  I found if you shut the lid nothing falls into the bleach water :).

After one hour, allow the machine to run threw the longest cycle (I put mine on super). Immediately fill with HOT water again and add the vinegar.  Same again let agitate for a minute, then close the lid push the button in and let it SIT for one hour.  Again I closed the lid and shut it down so my boys would think it would be fun to throw things in to the water :).

I did like she suggested and took apart things I could and cleaned them (yuck that was bad).  She suggest you do this ever 3 months, I'll try to keep it up but it sure is nice to have laundry come out smelling good or at least better then it did when I put it in there.  With 2 boys it is always dicey around here!

For us who don't have the fancy washer machines just the old school top loading ones here you go.  I like to think if I take care of it, it may last as long as that microwave my dad passed down to me from the 70's ... What it is a dream ... lol!


  1. Since getting my front loader, I've learned a lot. In all my years, I never cleaned my top loader. However, I have told my mom she must clean hers. She just buys that smelly washer stuff now. Glad there are easy ways to clean!

  2. Nichol - I so was clueless, I thought I put soap in it. That should keep it clean ... lol

    Patty - I was the Google Queen. I still do Google a lot of recipes then I pin them .. lol

  3. It sounds doable. I wish I still had a washer to try it on. lol

  4. I think I need to do that, my towels aren't coming out smelling so great!

  5. I had the same problem but it wasn't affceting the clothes so much clothes just the machine soon as the water flowed the smell would waft through the room. UGH! Turns out that there was water that became stagnant in the hose or something like that...I couldn't care less about the "WHY" i just wanted the smell to vammoose 'cause it was driving me coo coo. I did the same thing. I loaded up the bleach, (something that I dont really use because we have a cess pool...yes, another lovely aspect of living out on Long Island) and afterward it was sweet if bleach could only solve the flippin' socks that everyone leaves on the floor or my Hubby's huge workboots that I trip over in the would be perfect!
    Glad you were able to solve that problem!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Sometimes we seem to forget that the laundry needs cleaning not just using it to clean the clothes!

  7. Great post! I actually just did this yesterday and posted about it today. I just used the vinegar but it turned out great. I used pretty much the same exact method only I didn't let mine sit quite as long in the water. I only let mine set about 20mins (I was impatient and wanted to get my laundry started...haha). It was a night and day difference. :-)

  8. for cleaner smelling fluffy towels****I put detergent ,vinager & baking soda when the hot water is running. It will foam up.Then just wash as normal.It makes the stinky smell go away.

  9. Great post! My washer looks clean now!! :) I cloth diaper so I'm glad I came across this! :)

  10. Thanks BUNCHES for sharing your TERRIFIC idea & it works like a JEM!!‼❗


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