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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shark Invasion Week Has Begun ....

As most of you that know me by now, know that I'm all about making a party a theme!  We did the Lego Party and Now my youngest Caden has opted for a Shark Theme.  Who knew Shark would be a harder one to do?  I did find lot's of ideas but wasn't able to find all the silicone molds that I wanted to do the crayons, chocolates and gummies like I did last time.  I have been making do and came up with a cool way to do the shark fins, I'll show those off soon!  

I started on the easier items last night and wanted to share my results so far.  Thanks again to Pinterest and Google for some great ideas.  First off is to make these cute napkin rings.  Easy items you can even find at the dollar store (oh yes you know I'm budgeting it all!).

The Princess and The Frog did a Sailboat theme party where she made these beach theme napkin rings.  I thought it would be perfect with our Shark theme!  I plan to put them in a beach sand bucket that I picked up at Walmart (for 96 cents).  I picked up a few of these to serve our guest treats!

Beach Themed Napkin Rings:
1pkg Blue Napkins (Walmart 96cents) 
1pkg Lifesavers (Walmart $1.76)
1 Roll Twine (Walmart 1.76) - I'll have extra for the hubs
1 pkg Plastic Cultery Set (Dollar Store $1)

Now I don't usually do goodie bags but since I don't have a lot of fun little things I thought why not make some.  I saw a picture on Pinterest that lead to a flickr photo of a Shark Bait Party Favors.  I took her idea an ran with it, there were no directions so I thought I can do this ... hehe!

Shark Bait Goodie Boxes, What you Need:
Boxes (Walmart 50 cents)
Goldfish Individual Bags ($5 for 12)
Whale Chalk (Walmart $1 for 4)
Fish Chalk (Walmart $1 for 4)
Saltwater Taffy (Walmart $1 - separated into the boxes)
Sweedish Fish (Walmart $1 - separated into the boxes)
Sea Water Squirt Toys (Dollar Store $1 for 3)
Sm Sea Water Squirt Toys (Dollar Store $1 for 8)
8x10 Avery Shipping Labels
Inkjet Printer
I have shared the template for the stickers HERE if you would like to use it.

Print the sticker on the Label I used my paper cutter and then took the back off the label and applied to the boxes I bought.  I then loaded the boxes up and we are ready to go!

More to come, I will be baking cupcake, cake and cake pops tonight and will decorate them with my helper (My dinner friend).

Google Drive with some templates for this party.


  1. So clever and I'm sure the party will be a whale of a time

  2. You are just filled with good ideas for your kids mom. I think this shark theme will be a big hit!

  3. Love it all! It's going to be another awesome party at your house.

  4. Loving your ideas! You have the best party favors and little accessories!

    Got any sock monkey ideas in that head of yours? I'm working on planning the 1st birthday!

  5. You always come up with the cutest ideas for parties!

  6. Everything's turning out so cool! I can't wait to see more! :)

  7. You are such an awesome mom!
    I really want you to throw me a Princess party some day.
    I never got one when I was a kid and I know you would do a FANTABULISTIC job.
    Hope Caden's party was great and you had terrific weather.

  8. hey
    Tremendous things here, Fantastic write-up. Could you keep writing?!


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