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Monday, July 16, 2012

I swam with the Fish ... AND the Shark Won!

Well I did it I made it threw the shark birthday party for Caden, with only a few shark bites ... lol!  I am so glad I have a great friend that came over on Friday and helped me make all the last minute items.  

So hold on it's going to be a long one!  NOT to overwhelm this post with tons of recipes and instructions I'm including links so click on the name of the item and it takes you to the site I found the item from (I'll include any notes tweaks I did here).

(Seen in my previous post click name for instructions)

Along with the Beach Themed Napkins
(same post as above for the boxes)

Now onto the new things you haven't seen yet!  Fist we start out with the Shark Cupcakes!  I made Paula Deen's red velvet Cupcakes (I know but you got to love blood color right?).  I then made up some Wilton Cream Cheese Icing I did this one because it's stiff and I knew would hold up since the party was outside.  I wanted a blue like the ocean, I'm using Wilton Icing Colors which are gel not the liquid drops.  I recommend Gel colors over liquid easier to use and they look so much nicer!  I melted Wilton Candy Melts in Black. TRUST me when I say buy these melts instead of melting white chocolate and adding color.  I have wasted more money this way and it become a HUGE glob and not a smooth texture like you need.  I picked up on Amazon a silicone ice mold for the shark fins and just put my chocolate in it.  Let it set up and it popped right out (be careful you don't want to break the tips).  I decorated the red velvet with my piping bag and the blue frosting and topped with  a shark fin!

Shark Fins

Shark Cupcakes

Next on the list was with the rest of my red velvet mix I made some Cake Pops!  My MIL bought me the Cake pop pan so I put the left over batter in there and got to work!  I find if you put them in the freezer they are easier to work with!  I again to the chocolate melts this time in blue, cut off the top off the cake pop and dipped in the chocolate.  We swirled it around and then added a shark fin on top!

Shark Cake Pops

Next on my list was some punch!  I picked on Amazon up this Wilton shark ice mold kit and it came with an easy punch recipe!  

All you Need:
Sherbet (Raspberry)
And mold
* I couldn't find Raspberry Sherbet so I subbed with lime and no fresh Raspberries so Frozen.  No one complained! 

Caden loves bubbles so I made up some quick homemade bubbles and found some wands at the dollar store to make a bubble station!  Sadly my bubbles ended up being used to clean things at the dock, but that is a whole different story and I won't dwell on it anymore. So for homemade bubbles who knew the key ingredient was Corn Syrup?  I found a great recipe that was easy with stuff I had in the house on the blog Under the Sycamore.

Next on my list was to make some shark Jelly, I saw on Come Together Kids.  All I could find in the blue jell-0 ws this Berry Blue it was a great blue but was rather dark so you couldn't see the sharks. BUT it was still cute and the kids loved them (heck even the adults did too!). 

I found these amazing lollipops that reminded me of the sea and blue theme I was going for.  I found them at Walmart in the baby section for boys.  I took a pail I found at Walmart (97 cents) added some foam that I found at the dollar store ($2 total) and stuck the lollipops in!

Next was the shark cake for my amazing friend April came over in the nick of time and craved this out for me!  I started with a Red Velvet Pound Cake on Carrie's Sweet Life.  April also let me borrow her Wiltons Cake Release, it sure did help getting the cake out easy!!  The Shark Cake on the site was pretty easy to follow from their diagram on the website.  I made up some Butter Cream frosting and added LITTLE black gel color to make it grey.  We used the left over blue from the cupcakes to make the blue water and added some of the gummy sharks and a few of the chocolate fins that bottoms broke off and couldn't be used.  You can always use store bought but I wanted red (for blood ... I know).  We skipped the fruit leather for the mouth since the cake was red and we just didn't frost around it.

I found some star silicone mold at Walmart for clearance $3, melted some more chocolate melts in blue and done!

Next on my list was the watermelon shark.  My friend April was again amazing and craved this little guy out in like 45 minutes.  I was going to add some Jell-O at the bottom and place some gummy sharks but it didn't set up so it went as is :).

And last we have the Eggs my friend April made.  She added some Sliced bell peppers to look like shark fins coming out of them!  We saw the idea of Sailboat Eggs and made it into our shark them!

Phew I'm pooped!  It was a great party and it seems like the theme was a big with all who showed and we were left with very little to take home!  I'm so excited that it went over so well.

Google Drive with some templates for this party.


  1. You don't do anything halfway, that's for sure. This is amazing!

  2. Fantastic...I'm sure everyone had a blast and I know the birthday boy will remember the fun

  3. Pooped, I can't imagine why :)
    You outdid yourself!

  4. Awesome job!! It all looks great!

  5. This party was so cute! You did a great job. I thought I over did it for my daughter's Sesame Street Party, but you got me hands down! You did an awesome job! Thanks for posting.

  6. You did an absolutely amazing job, from the food to the party favors.

  7. You really went all out! My favorites are the watermelon and shark fin cupcakes. Everything is just so cute! Hope the kids enjoyed it!

  8. Seriously You need to become a professional party planner - you rock this out every time!

  9. I love it all! SO MUCH FUN! You're so creative!! :-)

  10. I love the wilton ice mold, unfortunately it is unavailable anymore!


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