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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Running on Empty

You ever feel like your running on empty?  Yup that is me the last few days!  I think today I will enjoy some wine with my friend who is coming to our house.  I figure if she drinks a few glasses then she will not realize that the house is so not perfect.  YUP I had huge plans on making the house spotless then the weekend hit.  I had a ton of work to do, church and kid stuff left me with no cleaning time.  OK I did have a day that Rick took the kids to the air show but I used those few hours to go hang with one of my best friends.  That field up my tank but then the rest of the weekend hit .. lol.

I must say I have been exercising EVERY day and enjoying it but I have noticed that I have been pooped so much.  I think I need to take my vitamins ... Well it's a short and rambling post today ... lol.

Hope you are all enjoying your week, I plan to kick back today and just enjoy it!  I may even go to bed early again ... lol.


  1. I have the best laid plans for house clean-up and get distracted or procrastinate all the time. I usually do a serious deep clean about once a quarter, but it does tend to get a little messy in the middle. :(

  2. I am sure your friend will not care that your house is not perfect. If she does she is not your friend.

  3. I know that feeling - like you are spinning you wheels and running out of fuel every step of the way. Hope you find some energy!

  4. my weekend was involved in studying trig and I STILL FAILED the test.. I feel horrible. But at least I am not crying today. I have to go and fill out a few applications today..

  5. Sounds like just what you need. A fabulous glass of wine and great company. If she is really your friend, she won't care a bit about the house! I wouldn't :O)

    Good Lawd Woman! Take the cape off for awhile. You make the rest of us look bad :D

  6. I know exactly how you feel. nothing like that butt draggin, energy drainin', fall asleep at- the-drop-of-a-hat feeling. Have fun with your friend today, and!
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. I have that running on empty feeling a lot. :-)

  8. You are always so busy! Take some time to just chill. Hope you feel better soon, and good for you for daily exercising. I need some motivation back!

  9. Give yourself a break and don't stress out about the housework.

  10. I am running on empty a little and I ahve no work to do to make me that way. Really should fill myself back up and tackle the study....oh wait, it can wait until another day!

  11. Yep. Been running on empty way too long now. urg.

  12. Hope you had a nice time. By the way, you do so much it's only natural that you would run out of gas!!!


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