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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pic Pocket Books Review

I must say I'm really jealous of you with IPhones. Ok most of you know me know I'm not a big fancy phone person, that would be Rick. But the IPhone is one I do drool over, and maybe one day will be in my reach. Thinking about it my contract is up ... Hmmm!

Well on to what I'm jealous about besides having a fancy dancy phone you have these cool apps that everyone is always talking about. Along with something usual for you they have things for the kids now. Ok now I know most of you are thinking what I don't wont my kids A) touching this very expensive phone and B) browsing around games I already have a hard enough time keep them away from video games.

Well hold on Pickpocket Books is something that is very cool. You know my love of books and how I love for the boys to love them as much as me. In my quest to make books exciting and something they want to read I ran across Pickpocket Books. They are these amazing apps you download from Itunes account and right to your phone! They currently have 14 titles to choose from, 4 more coming shortly and more soon after that. Some favorites of Cole's were the Dinosaurs and of course the Monster Trucks! They quickly have become the top downloaded app for children's book.

Ok for you that need a visual let me take the all time favorite of mine. The doctors office, ok some of you are shaking your head with me now. You're sitting in the lobby for what seems like a lifetime. You're trying to get the kids to sit still, while you look for a magazine that is from this century. Not even one kid book the kids like! This is where Pickpocket Books comes in handy you pull up one of your child's favorite books and instant entertainment. Now only if I could do this with all my life. Ohh wait just think what grocery shopping could be like with this? Ok I'm so upgrading to the IPhone, do you think Rick would notice the increase in the bill?

Pickpocket Books is perfect if you have a child (or children) between 2-8. Are you looking for a great way to help your child (or someone else's you know) grow and learn then this is the right place. The apps are easy to download and are full color illustrated and interactive along with user friendly. I was sent a demo since I'm a non IPhone user and it was so cool, yup I'm getting closer and closer to a new phone!

Another feature that I found to be very cool especially with Cole learning to read was the "learn to read function" where it will highlight words as they are read aloud or the touch the word to have the audio version! Take advantage of the different features like the audio narration, auto page turner and touch screen interaction.

BUY IT: Books range from .99 cents to $8.99, simply go to their website pick which book you would like and it will take you to the Itunes where you can check out. Once you download a book it is yours so don't worry about only getting to view it once.

And yes currently they are working on apps for smart phones! Maybe I'll steal Ricks when that happens! Enjoy I promise your next airplane ride or while visiting the in-laws these holidays could be with less hair eyeballs and tears (you know of your own)!

Cole said this one is SUPER cool!


  1. I want an iphone too. I know I will not be getting one either oh well. Have a great Sunday..

  2. Cool. I have a smartphone but it's not an iphone. I wonder if you can download to ipod touch?

  3. Yes, absolutely, you can download PicPocket Books to your iPod Touch.

  4. That is so cool. I wish I had a cool phone. I don't have a cool phone at all.

  5. What's cool, it sounds like you'll have this to pull out in the doctor's waiting room to keep the kids entertained for another five minutes or so. :-)


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