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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Really is this my world?

Just a quick one, it's a crazy week at work and I'm so behind with the holidays .. double crap! I'm working on it, yes that time management thing is coming along .. LOL :) So I thought I'd do a quick couple of pictures of my world this week!

We Watch Wow Wow Wubzy
Yes that is a chair and that is the way we sit!
You ask what are those spots?
Why Gold Fish Swimming threw the blinds?
Silly, why didn't you know that!!!
You get a new dishwasher what do you do?
You wash the Duckies from the bathtub!
Don't even want to think what was on those!
You make Ham bone soup!
Need the recipe do a search here posted it a while back ;)
You show brother that it's good!
Look it's all gone in my tummy!
Oh I see you only like the chocolates in the
24 day Advent Calendar
You get chair railing :) added
You of course need to redo all the modeling!
And why not new paint!
Yes the man that has stood firm on white wall for the last 5 years!
Bought paint all on his own!!!!!
Check out the new colors
Ok not fancy
Did you read the white wall part?


  1. I love the goldfish in the blinds. I won't even ask how he got there. LOL

  2. Congrats on getting some color! My poor house looks like a rainbow. It's just my shiny personality coming through....,

  3. The picture of the chair first had me thinking how uncomfortable, but then I thought "what a great way to stretch out my back".

    Your son is on to something.

  4. I want a snack pass me those gold fish please...*snort* oh am I belly laughing right now...and do I see my lil chopper friend in the dishwasher, so some good grub up in the house!

    So, glad I can live vicariously through your post...mommy needs a hug and a laugh!

  5. What a fun way to look into your week. We are doing the calendar too. Alyce loves it. But wants all of the chocolate at once. Have a great rest of the week with the painting..

  6. I just threw out ALL our bath toys because I started to see black stuff growing on them - eeeeew! And we have the same Chocolate Advent calendars, I think (trader Joe's)??

  7. What a great way to look into your week. Seems as busy as usual!
    They have you road put back together yet? How's the internet holding out?

  8. oh your boys are just waaaaaaay cute.. so adorable!!!

    and i looove that first pic, and the way he's sitting in the chair.. hilarious!!!!

  9. The Goldfish are funny! Love the
    chair rail. I have a chocolate advent calendar too! Of course it's all about the chocolate. Actually our daughter bought it for us because of the fond memories she had growing up.
    Want some "sea food" , that's what my kids would say to each other! I just washed on of Skye's toys, the dishwasher is a great idea.

  10. You crack me up. I so needed to smile today too. Thanks. Love the goldfish!!!!!

  11. That hambone soup looks GOOD!!!! Those goldfish in the blinds are so silly.

    He's sitting in the chair in a way which really isn't sitting at all.

  12. Those fish are just swimming upscreen....

  13. The goldfish is sooo cute. I can see my kids doing that

  14. Cute...I love posts like these.

    We have goldfish everywhere too!!

    (I think I won a book awhile back...did you get my address that I emailed you??)

  15. The goldfish in the blinds cracked me up!!

    That hambone soup looks YUMMY!!!

    Princess Nagger is only interested in the chocolates from the Advent calendar, too... :)

  16. Your boys smile just like you! They are so cute! Yay for hubby! One time I came home from work and my hubby had painted the whole downstairs! crazy.

  17. The chocolate is definitely the best part of the advent calendars! LOL! (It's great to have one that you fill, them Mommy gets the leftover chocolates! LOL!)

    I love the fishies swimming through the blinds! Your boys are SO creative...or was that Rick that did that? LOL! (I could so see Rich doing something like that to mess with me!)

    You are so lucky to have a guy who does home improvements. Rich would like to, but it's like he doesn't know where to start-maybe I should start giving him ideas off where to start? LOL!

  18. Goldfish in the blinds! That's one I haven't seen yet. Very funny!


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