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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Things I've Learned this Week

Really sometimes you need just a kick to reality, yup my life often does this for me!

A) When going to a birthday party for your husbands distant cousin. Make sure you call and ask an age. You may think they only have one kid, but surprise her man has a son from a previous relationship. Yup that bubble bath set you bought for the 2 year old not so Cool for the 8 YEAR OLD!!! {insert head slap}

B) When a friend calls turn off the Halmark Channel. Tears and unbearable talking making you friend go into a panic thinking the "he left" (the man on the TV of course) is not the he in your life. And her rushing to your house in a panic can cause for some quick explaining!

C) When you work from home or "home during the day" your the target for projects others think will be so easy for you put in the mix of your day. Also not being able to say no can cause problems too. Somehow you'll get yourself volunteered to help with the church newsletter each month. Oh no worries I can whip that out each month for you! Oh please don't make me come in with a 2 year old for 4 hours! Let me take it home, I promise I'll bring it back the next day!

D) When my husband says hun I'll drop off your car and walk to work, you take the kids to daycare. Realize that the same sarcasm that you use everyday your husband is using now on you and you're getting sucked into doing double duty of dropping the kids off coming back home to only find out that you also will be taking him to drop the car of and drop him off at work. Crap how did I get dupped by my own trick?

E) You can always ask for a discount and when you have a cold and use your sexy sick husky voice you can get $100 off your tires! Then when you walk in mind you not knowing you were taking your husband there with your semi combed hair and no make up you can shock the heck out of them. Then bust out with your $20 off an oil change also you can just see the look on there face of really this is the girl? Don't worry they get so busy and mess up and do a alignment on your car instead of the other Kia Sorento yup $185 improvement for FREE. Let's recap that would $100 of tires, $20 of Oil Change and $185 alignment for FREE. Yup you added that right $305 saved that day, take that for no hair done and make up day!

F) Stop listening the Christmas Miracles that the radio show is doing, when they come on turn the station. Sitting in your car crying at a stop light makes you look a little on the crazy side that and talking to the radio about what happened also can strike people as a nutty person in the car next to them and they then feel the need to speed up and get as far away from you as possible!

Phew I think that is enough for one Christmas Eve! I'm off to work a bit then clean the house and get the last presents wrapped and figure out what I'm missing so I can run to the store like a made woman who has watched Hallmark all day and is now crying to the Christmas Station. Oh lord be with me, the people around me are loosing it they just don't get it! :)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone, I'll be back with a post about my Christmas Sausage Casserole pictures and recipe to share! Oh yes and Santa Cookies too on Caden's new plate! XOXOX


  1. Hey Poser you look amazing in this picture like you are 16. I can see why you got that discount no sexy voice needed. Oh the list of things you listed. I am now done baking. One gift left to wrap. Off to the In laws house today. It should be fun I will see some family and eat good. No cooking for me tonight..

  2. Ha you adorable thing you! You make me laugh when I feel horrible, and hope you are feeling better, my twin!

  3. Lessons learned. Looking forward to that recipe. Have a perfect Christmas Eve and a blessed Christmas day. Your one of my many blessing this year!

  4. Have a wonderful day with those adorable kids!
    and erm, RELAX!

  5. All very good advice! I'll try to follow it. ;-)

  6. You are always good for a laugh! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh, my friend, you are the BEST thing for a stress-filled day!
    I know you deserve the best holiday season of anyone in the world because you have a heart as big as the ocean! I'm glad you learned all these wonderful lessons - NOT. You will be just as open and giving as always next year, and that is why we all love you.

  8. Oh girlie :) love your picture!!!

  9. Too funny darlin.....
    Finally getting caught up on blogs....I've missed you!


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