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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge Snowland

I'm so excited we were asked back to Great Wolf Lodge see my boys aren't the loudest out there. Take that cranky old lady in the grocery store! LOL no really my boys actually were rather on the quiet side, it's actually nice to go somewhere and not be stared at for loud and crazy kids! So what do you do? You take them to a indoor waterpark with hundreds of other kids! Yup you fit right in and guess what? They are expected that there will be running and screaming up and down the hallways. Guess we'll see if we get invited back again .. LOL.
The fun thing about this trip was Snowland. Yup you guessed it, it actually snows in the lobby. Well it's technically a soap mix but it looks like real snow falling down twice a day! The boys loved it. We only stayed one night but we packed in as much of the festivities as we could. I do recommend staying at least 2 nights so you can do all the festivities along with the day to day events they have.
Snowland Offers:
  • Santa's Arrival & Tree Lighting
  • visit with Santa, carol sing-alongs
  • kids earn their "Snowland Mittens" at North Pole University
  • Santa's Workshop in the Cub Club: kids make holiday cards, presents to give away, wish list

The year ends with Snowball on December 31, a New Year's bash with karaoke, New Year’s Eve feast, dancing, waterslide races with prizes.

Now I know cost is a huge thing with everyone this time of year, but do your searching and you can find some great deals and make this a Christmas no one will forget! Plus they have refrigerator in every room along with microwaves and you know what drives me a coffee pot. The Great Wolf Lodge next to us was close to a Walmart where we picked up some goodies when we didn't go out for the meals.

In true fashion of the way I roll I took pictures like crazy and instead of going on and on with my words (which I know you hang on to with breathless anticipation). So here it goes, well with some words also!!!

So we start our journey in the car!
I decided that I would let the boys open an early Christmas Present
I got an amazing deal at Target for a Dual Screen DVD
Black Friday with my coupons got me this for $77
Here we are on our way to the Great Wolf Lodge
The fun festivities that greet you!
I just love all the tree's they were each decorated different
The boys loved the one you waved your wand in front of to make it talk.
Things you'll see and may not see
To your left you will notice the kiddy pool empty
Well let's just say we got to see first hand what they do to clean up!
Yes there is a guy testing the water!
I know you all wondered!!
They have a garbage and recycling bins in your room
Beds that are comfy!
And of course a big bucket that dumps water!
Family Photo op times everywhere!
Hint* - Great idea for Christmas Cards!

The buffet is a good deal if you can eat enough.
I'm not a big eater, but Rick loved it!
Plus again family friendly so when you're kids scream
you look around and the others are too!
It's snowing INSIDE!!!
During Story time the clock tower animals talk and move!
Rodolph came to visit while they read a book to us.
Then it snowed! So cute kids in PJ's and snow falling.
Then it snowed outside!!
Then guess what it snowed again INSIDE!
Mommy Blogger Breakfast!
Kids tables were so cute!
And yummy food from the buffet.
I think that's the key for me give me breakfast food!
And the best part ...
Yes besides the breakfast buffet!
Is the amazing mommy bloggers!
Here are a few of my fav
well the ones that I could wrangle into a picture ... LOL
(I'm now stalking her, she's hillarious)
My girl Shannon The Mommy-Files
(she keeps me updated with these events)
(another hilarious mommy)

And of course hello there is a water park attached!
Caden loved the kiddy pool!
Not only is it a pool but slides and jetski's that squirt water.
Cole was a big boy loved the slides and the wave pool.
Mom loved sitting on the side reading a book!
Oh yeah Dad too was like a little kid running around!
So there it is our great adventure and so much fun! Looking for a great way to runaway? Head to Great Wolf Lodge and you'll enjoy every minute of it! Just check out Caden's smile, how can he be wrong?

We did not receive a free trip, we were given a discount on our rate. These are my opinions from my families experience at the park.


  1. That looks like a blast! We have been dying to go to Great Wolf. We go to CoCo Key a lot. (Similar thing, not as many bells and whistles, cheaper)

  2. That looks like a BLAST!!! you have made up my mind. We were trying to decide if we should go this Christmas break ( we have one right here in town!) and I think we will! I didn't know about the snowland thing! The last time we went it was summer.


  3. What a fun time you all had. I see a Christmas card picture in there with all of you on the white mountain looking thing. I think that is neat you met some new blogging friends. I would go to this place if I lived by you for sure. Glad you had a great time. It looks like all of the boys had fun too.. I also loved seeing you poser.

  4. I'm a SO looking forward to going there with the kids one day! :-)

  5. Wow looks like so much fun! I would love to go there and meet fellow bloggers. You're a lucky lady!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Somehow I don't think my goat kids qualify me as a mommy blogger.

  7. totally jealous.. looks like such an amazing place!!!

  8. That looks like an absolute blast. I had been considering actually going next year. We might now.

  9. Wow when did you learn to speak chinese? HA! I love living through you and those boys, yes all three! My fav photo is the ones where they are behind the recycle cans, yep that is really getting behind something you believe in, LOL!

  10. Great post!

    I admit...I was FULLY exhausted by the time we got home! But I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!

    Loved hanging w/you again!


  11. This is a great post Alexis....and you got so many pictures. I barely took any pictures this time - ackk!!! I'm feeling better now. It must have been a weekend bug - lol! Dang! Wrong weekend to have it!


  12. Man, every time I see a post about this place I want to go! Why isn't it closer to me?! Common, Arizona is PRIME for things like this! =)

  13. That place just looks like the perfect place to vacation. Especially with the kids, what a blast. I am so glad that you got to go back.

  14. That looks like sooooo much fun. My kids would have a blast. Looks like your family did.

  15. Looks like such a fun trip!!!LOVE the inside snow!!

  16. What a fantastic trip, and a great review of your stay. I love all the photos. Your boys look like they had so much fun, they are all smiles. I love the photos of Caden in his blue feetie jammies - too cute! I'm glad you got to have so much fun and got to get together with those great mommy bloggers.
    Love all the family photos, too, my fave is Caden in the big chair, he is just too cute!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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