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Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm so behind and bad boggy friend! Awards Galore ... Hold on and I Big Sorry!

Ok I'm falling on my sword! I want to say HUGE SORRY to my bloggy friends you're all so amazing and you've blessed me with some amazing awards and I have been a bad friend I haven't posted them. I truly LOVE them and adore seeing my name on a list. Ok I must admit it I actually scroll down when I see some put up a new award, my heart beats fast thinking did I make the list? It's like being the fat kid in gym class all over again! So let's just say I love AWARDS, that is why I am so ashamed that it has taken me this long to post these. PLEASE except my dear applogy for the delay on these. And don't pass me by think she'll never post them. I promise to be better in the future!

Katie @ my net finds
MUAH Thank You Girlie!
"The Icing on the Cake Award"
For the amazing people that comment on my blog and make my day! I really appreciate you all.

This is for all my bloggy friends, sorry I couldn't link all your names. I went threw comments to get links but it's getting late, sorry sleep is setting in.

This Blog is Addictive
JennyMac gave me this and she is amazing and Sassy LOVE her
Looking for some funny and giveaway sites!
Before having a job where I actually work all day I would stalk these blogs daily.
Sadly I try to hop by on the weekends!
Check these ladies out:
JennyMac (Giving it back, love her)
Silver Shoe of Sincerity Award
From my girl Daffy
I think I better stay on flat ground
But she sure is pretty!!!

Love Ya Award
Thank You Tori Jean
I did this one before and just want to say a big thank you to Tori Jean!

The Lemonaid Award
Thank you sweetie I did this one a while back also.
A BIG thank you to HeartsMakeFamilies! Muah

The Honest Award
Look she loves me so much she gave me 1 :)
Ok so I know I've passed this one out before
but what the heck lets do the list:

The rules for the Honest Scrap award: The honorees are to: A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. (Already passed on )

1. I'm addicted to the Biography Channel ... I now but really it's so cool to watch!
2. I loved that the Christmas Music Started a week before Thanksgiving.
3. My mom is not my biological mom, but she's mom to me. I haven't seen my Biological mom (egg donor as I like to call her) since I was 9.
4. I'm a little jealous that my grandmother watchs my cousins son and even lets him sleep over. Not once has the offer been extended to me ;(.
5. I tend to be OCD with my towels in the bathroom. I'm like the creepie guy on Sleeping with the enemy that had to have the towel just right yup that's me.
6. I am crazy about the kids cups being stacked by color. After Rick has put them away I'll go back and fix them.
7. I'm a cryer. I can cry at commercials. I'm bad when getting criticed at work, I try so hard but the water works come out.
8. Some days I wish I could really run away and let Rick know just really how my life is!
9. I'm a closet re-gifter... LOL it's my way of pay it forward. It's usually stuff my mom or relatives given me that is so not me but would suit someone I know ... LOL
10. I get a tad jealous when you hear about these people with perfect husband and grandparents that have sleep overs often. Do these people really exist?

And you thought she was cool with 2!
Nope she gave me a 3rd!!!
Thank you again sweetie

My favorite Poser of all time Amy
Gave me this one! Don't you just love it!
Again this goes to all of you
A few I have links too.
Really much love to you all!

Wow I'm so sorry I let those stock up so long! I really promise to be better! Hugs and I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I really didn't mean to I appreciate all of you. Thank you again to all the new followers. I'm sorry we lost 1 this week I hope it's because I didn't post their award. UGH head slam here. I'm working on it really I am! I hope to be on this weekend, we're going to be at Great Wolf not sure I'll have access to a computer ... since I broke Ricks Laptop ... LOL
My boss has offered to let me borrow one for work which will be nice like to work in other places in the house. I really need to move around more.


  1. Congratulations on the awards. I've got a pile to post too but I love each and every one and so appreciate you passing one of these along to me.

  2. congrats on your awards..

    and thank you for the passed you passed on to me.. you are awesome and great!!!

    have a wonderful wkend dear!!!!

  3. Congrats on your awards! Don't worry, you're not the only one behind on those things... ;)

    Loved reading your 10 things - you sound a LOT like me it's too funny! I especially laughed with #6 - hubby always complains when I 'rearrange' things like that...heh, heh!!

  4. oh my gosh! Look at all your awards! You rock! And thanks so so so much for sending some my way, I love it!

  5. Congratulations on all your awards! You are the sweetest, so you definitely deserve them :-)

    I am truly honored that you passed some on to me as well. I'm not sure that I'll get around to posting them, but they are definitely going into my sidebar! ;-)

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend at Great Wolf Lodge! I'm hoping to take the kiddos to the one closest to us in a couple years. It just sounds like a super fun time! :-)

  6. Well, girlie girl, you most certainly deserve every single one of these awards!! So sorry you lost a follower, I would follow you again if I could to make up for it. :-)
    Thank you so much for passing some of those great awards on to me, I too am so far behind on my blogging and email returns because of my son's visit and trying to get everything done for Christmas this week because of my surgery on Monday. I have a few awards to post, also. But know that I SO appreciate everything you have given and said to me, you are such a wonderful person and I am lucky to have you as a friend. MUAH!!!

  7. Congrats and thank you so much girlie. I'll post them to my award collection on my links page!


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