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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WWW ~ Thanksgiving, Black Friday and a Birthday Party

Wow is all I can what a weekend and some! Thanksgiving was GREAT, really everyone was on there best behavior and no one (meaning me) was in tears later that night! We had my parents and my grandmother over for dinner. My cousins stopped by to say hi and it was great to see them both and her baby!
After everyone left we loaded up the boys and hit the sale at K-Mart, love Layaway put a Wii on layaway! Then home to bed, because you know a girl got to get up early. Well that was while I was gather my ads for the next day I was sitting on the floor when I looked over to movement! WTF was that? Nahhh it can't be anything right? Then I saw it again, I'm not sure who was more scared the mouse (yes a mouse) because he was afraid the fluffy lady might step on him or me! Rick found that there was a hole in the wall where the wall heater was! Not only a hole but the little poo made a tunnel threw the drywall! Talk about some patch work! Well I guess we'll move onto another home improvement project! Oh yeah, please Lord I don't know where this money tree is but I hope you let it appear soon :).
So here we go Black Friday!
It was trying and hectic.
Walmart decided that they would do a ticket system for laptops, crazy! My girlfriend wanted one we got there an hour early and they had passed out the tickets like an hour before that! WTF? Then crazy pushy people.
All I have to say is Walmart needs to take tips from Target they rocked it!
Got home looked in the mirror oh crap I forgot make-up today!
I need a glass of wine ... ummm this is good wish mom would have left a whole bottle of this and not just this little sip!!!
Some presents for mommy!
Yippee new rubbermaid
A broom and a silverware holder
And a new sassy pea coat!!!
I'm a simple girl!
Organized my closet that night! Jealous?
Don't be check out the bottom shelf ... LOL
All the boys are taken care of!
Rick some socks, movies, wii stuff (the wii is his present)
Cole car stuff, pj's and movies and of course sheets
Caden blocks and Leap Frog toys!
New DVD player for the boys room
Dual DVD system for the car. Oh please give me sanity!
And the birthday gift!
And why not add a birthday party in the mix!
Bounce Room Party, Cole loved the slide
Caden refused to go in but loved the car.
A cousin pushed him around and he loved it!
Oh Treats why must you tease me!!!
Doesn't that frosting look yummy!!!
And skittles ... really??
So the mouse created a fire under Rick!
bottom pic shows what it looked like when the heater was removed
He decided to put up paneling for a chair railing
he got the wood up, painted and the new smaller heater in!
Even got a little paint on the remote :)
And the Grand Daddy of all surprises!!!!
My mom heard me complaining about my dishwasher.
It's been broke for like 5 years!
So my early Christmas present!
You know it my parents bought me (oh ok us) a new dishwasher!!
Look at that old one and the whole .. Yucky!
Rick had to do a little repair there too!
So there you have it our crazy weekend!!!

This weekend is even better, we head back to Great Wolf Lodge to do a review!!!
I'm so excited, I maybe get to relax and read a book again!!!!


  1. It just makes me tired reading about it! You crack me up!!!

    Whoot whoot on the dishwasher! That rocks ;O) Happy washing :O)

  2. Wow woman you are always on the go! Makes me tired just reading your updates sometimes. Have a great time at Wolf lodge!
    Hopefully you can run to Portland for a day while I'm there.

  3. Wow Poser you got to see a mouse too. How funny. I love all the shopping you did. I so want a Wii maybe someday I can get one. Oh your parents rock and new dishwasher that is great. Have a wonderful time at your lodge this weekend.

  4. honey.. i think you must live the craziest life i know!!!!

    lol.. just kidding.. kinda!!!

  5. Who cares about the make-up! Looks like you did some great shopping you brave girl. I am almost done but I have allot to wrap and get out of this house. Waiting for my gift cards from the school. Will decorate tree today, tomorrow, next day, etc! Party looks like it was allot of fun. Love the work that Rick is doing. OMG how awesome, a new dishwasher!!!

  6. I like living through you...transports me back to the day, and then I transport back to my reality when I see the dishwasher, (like when Christopher Reeves pulls the penny out of his pocket while he was back in the late century and in love, then finds himself back in the present) because I need to unload my own dishwasher and clean up!

    When I was visiting my son, one EARLY morning I was on the puter and he was sleeping in, out of the corner of my eye I see something dash across the floor, I laughed and told him later, he didn't care...but later told me he got rid of it...oh boys...someday they still are just boys...

  7. I love your new red coat. Good for you for picking such a happy color!

    And congrats on the dishwasher. I can't wait until I get into my house and have one again.

  8. I swear you are busier and busier each weekend.

  9. Fun girlie, love your new coat :)

  10. Geez you made a haul! I went to Macy's on black friday for the first time in my life (at 4 pm, after all the crazies) and got $260 off of a comforter!

    Ok so I only bought stuff for myself. I can give myself a gift for christmas right?

  11. How exciting about the new dishwasher!! It's beautiful! =)
    Enjoy your weekend! Wish I could go!!

  12. Congrats on the dishwasher! We had to get one of those this summer. You are all going to love the Wii.

  13. Does this mean you already had your list ready to go by Black Friday? holy crap how do you do it?

  14. I am so with blueviolet! Good god woman, WHEN do you sleep? What are you on? And can I have some?
    Just KIDDING!!! I know you take nothing stronger than chocolate and coffee, and big hugs, kisses and smiles from those adorable boys! So glad you had a great, if busy, weekend. The fact that your kids smile SO much shows that you must be doing something right and you are a terrific mom!

  15. Yuck! A mouse?! I hear of so many people who get mice in their homes and I'm shocked that we haven't had any yet. Maybe having our cats outside are keeping them under control :-)

    You did awesome shopping! You are SO brave! I wimped out and decided the craziness wasn't worth it :-)

    That cupcake looks delicious! Did you manage to stay away from it-I know I would have totally dived into that little piece of yummyness! LOL!


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