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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday ~ Mommy got a break and a DATE night!

Guess what yup, I'm finally going to play along. Don't laugh I finally have something to post about that is s time out for momma! It doesn't happen often but when it does we must post and share :).

As many of you know I rarely get a break or just a few minutes by myself and this past week I was blessed with a few! I know knock me over with a feather ... well it would have to be one large and heavy duty feather ... Oh wait off track ... sorry :).

Last Wednesday the 23rd my dad gave me a call that he'd pick the boys up from daycare. Well being the guy he is he was doing his Christmas shopping for mom and when I called at 6pm to check on the boys, let's just say I was making a mad dash to the daycare to pick them up. So Cole of course had his feelings totally hurt that Bapa didn't pick him up. So he asked to call Monnie and tell her he was sad. Nothing worse then a 5 y/o calling to tell you how sad they are that Bapa didn't pick them up. So at 7pm at night we head up to there house so Cole can spend the night! Well hey it's one kid down, and it was fine because Caden fell right to sleep and Rick was working late! Hallmark Channel and I had a date! He returned the next around 11am, it was a short visit but oh so loved!

Fast Forward the the 3 glorious hours that Rick took the kids to his friends house on Christmas night! You got to be kidding me you're taking both kids! LOVING it I'm taking a nap and that is just what I did. Ok I know this isn't a glorious use of my time but darn it I'll take what I can get :).
Check me out in my comfy Cozy Clothes
Crying at Hallmark and eating every cookie in the house
Yup the way I roll!
Guess what Sunday night Rick and I had a DATE NIGHT! You know that is our first date night out together in about 2 years! VERY over due, but thankfully with Rick's friend coming to watch the boys we were able to hit the town! Not only did we have a free babysitter (well I bought him a $9 piece of chocolate cake) my AMAZING bosses sent us a gift certificate for dinner. Since I work virtual and not in the area as them I wasn't able to go to the Christmas Party, believe me one day I will go there ... LOL :). So they sent us a VERY generous gift card to Anthony's. We have a great one right on the waterfront in Tacoma, it's an amazing fish house that is usually FAR FAR out of my price range! But thanks to the caring heart of my bosses we were able to go out.
Dinning room talk with two adults that never go out:
A: So what's new?
R: hmmmm I think we already covered this in the car (insert crickets here)
A: How's work?
R: It's work.
A: Well I could tell you funny things the kids did this week.
R: Oh please don't I already saw the writing on the wall (no really there was writing on the wall)
A: I guess we can enjoy the silence?
R: Yup
Oh joy adult time, darn if that glass of wine wasn't $10 I may have to have one ... LOL
Getting ready for date night.
Check me out even did my hair up in a french twist
Well as much as my short hair could!
Now onto dinner!
It was delish and check out these prices I almost died ... LOL
Small Caesar $3.75 x 2 ~ Yum we each started with this
Bowl White Chowder $6.95 (Rick had to have soup & salad)
Coffee $2.95 (come on like I wouldn't have coffee)
Coke $2.95 (Rick and his pop)
Top Sirloin $16.95 (Rick - He's usually the expensive one)
Crab & Shrimp fettuccine (minus shrimp and mushrooms)
What no discount or extra crab ... LOL $17.95 (darn by $1)
Burnt Cream $4.95 (it was small but oh so yummy)
No I didn't share :)
And the Extreme Chocolate Cake $8.95
Thank you tip generator on my new phone $11.34
Total $86.92 ~ Wow that went fast
Time out even though silent: PRICELESS
Plus we even have some left over for another date night.
Now to have my parents take both boys for a night :)
And the topper of this week, Rick was on the way to drop the boys off at Daycare Monday. Mom working from home and both boys home not a good combo! When my dad calls to say he's heading over to the island to work on my grandfather estate. My dad is the executer of the will and has to go check on the house often it's about an 1 1/2 hours from my house (add a 1/2 hour on from their house). So he meet up with Rick picked up both boys and took them to the island. It's on 11 acres with lot's of deer and LOT's of DIRT perfect for the boys. Yippee no paying for daycare and a quiet house for the day! He returned the boys right as I finished my calls for the day and was onto the data entry. Now I know technically I was working all day but not to have to worry about picking up the boys or have to do lunches for anyone was a dream come true! I was able to hang in my business casual all day you know my PJ'S :).

Wow that was my first Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday and I must say it was a heck of a dozy, now it may not happen for a VERY long time so enjoy ... LOL


  1. Congratulations on a night out, the lovely dinner and some alone time.

  2. You, have more excitement than I do! Naps are great aren't they...they come more often after forty, he he...and when the boys are gone one day, so do the date nights!

  3. How cool is that? I am so happy for you and it was well deserved! Your employerer is so nice to do that for you. I am glad you had such a great evening out and a little bit of alone time. Every mom needs that!

  4. That is such a great time you had. I am glad you got to get out. I have to do stuff like that more often. Have a great New Year..

  5. Okay... I just came across your blog and LOVE it... The name itself sucked me in!! I will follow you as we run away together!! :o)

  6. You look great Alexis! Sounds like a fun night.

  7. ooooh look at you go!!!

    lexi got a break.. a WELL DESERVED break!!!

    great pics of ya'll too.. so cute

    have a fabulous beginning to the new year... see ya in 2010!!!!!

  8. OMG! You finally get a Theta Mom Time Out and I'm not doing it until mid-January!!!

    Regardless, SO glad you had a date-night! But that's a long time to wait for a date! How cute did you guys look??? And that dinner looked amazing and by the way, I'll take SILENCE over sreaming children any day!

    Have a wonderful New Year my friend! And link up with us in 2010! LOL

  9. How nice to have dinner out.
    love the crickets....heh heh

  10. Sounds like it was awesome. I am glad that you joined Theta Mom, now you need to do it more often.
    You work hard and it's important to have the me/couple time.
    You know I love you.....Happy New Year!

  11. So glad you got a date night!! happy New Year!

  12. Gotta love the sleepovers with the grandparents. And the time to watch what YOU want to on the tv. Glad you had some time to yourself -- including the date night. Here's hoping you have some more soon!

  13. Stopping in to wish you a Happy New Year. Look forward to keeping up with you next year.

  14. Wow! Alone time and a date night! That's awesome! I'm so happy you got to relax a little and enjoy time with just you and Rick. I hope you get to do it more often from now on-at least once a month ;-)

    Take care and Happy New Year! :-)

  15. Good for you! And Creme Brulee... Yum!

    Happy New Year Girlie!!!

  16. We never go out. And now after reading how much your date cost, I remember why!

  17. Sounds like an excellent use o me time!! (and the burnt cream? looks delish)

  18. I'm so glad that you two got and evening out!


    You really need to make this a priority! It is so important to take time out for the two of you.

    Sounds delioucous...I mean fun:)

    Happy New Year Lex!!!

  19. What a great first Theta Mom Post! Everyone and everything looked wonderful. Hope you get more in in the future.

  20. All kinds of time to yourself... how wonderful.
    I love your comfy look, it looks just like mine. AND to do the same thing, watch Hallmark and cry. (BTW, don't think I didn't catch the Falalala Lifetime in the background on your TV Christmas morning! HaHa.)
    That dinner looks heavenly: the seafood meal and the creme brulee'... to die for! What a great gift from your boss.
    Hope you get some more days like that.

  21. it totally cracks me up that you took your camera on date night to get shots of the food! You are a diehard blogger girlie!

    Awesome that you had some alone time and I've learned to never under estimate the value of silence. At least you weren't arguing :O)

    Looks like the holidays were good in your house...and you even started new traditions!

    You really are a super mom! So don't forget it!

  22. Wow, for that price I sure hope the meal was good! That was quite generous of your boss though and I'm glad to see you got some much needed time to do things you wanted to do. Naps are great in my book.

  23. You guys looked so good on your date! Glad you got a little time without the kidlets. (Mine are home today. Aargh!)


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