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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pictures to Play Date at Children’s Museum

What a busy day it was today! It was so much fun and excited wrapped up in one day that I am totally exhausted. Today started with an early riser Caden who I was able to get back down for a few hours. I was so excited to sleep into almost 9 I almost wet the bed myself! Now there is sight you don't see everyday so just enjoy that moment.

Today is our 11 month picture day for Caden because hey you know he's only turning 1 on Thursday! Can you say procrastinator? So I get the boys dressed in their matching "Surf's Up" outfits because I'm crazy like that! It wouldn't be a perfect day with out running around trying to find shoes and the matching sunglasses. Oh yeah the appointment is in like 10 minutes … oh crap! Throw the boys in the car, well not literally but it did have a good toss … just playing. We get the usually very busy studio to find just my mom sitting there waiting for us. You know you're behind when my mom beats you there. She's already filled out my paperwork, so we just walked right in and got the boys ready. I still was feeling like a dream that the place was empty usually I'm waiting at least 20 to 30 minutes. I put Caden down thinking this is going to be a cake walk. Yup that was my mistake thinking that single thought. As soon as his cheeks hit the floor he started to cry, I tried to keep him happy but nothing was working. Mom bought all these awesome props which made Cole go into a frenzy running and screaming which only made Caden scream more. Then you add in my mom and me trying to get the kids to sit and both look forward and oh yeah to smile. Finally we got a few descent shots of the boys and put them in their matching dino outfits. Thinking ok this will be better I brought dino's for the boys to play with, this will be better. Wrong thought again, I did get a great picture of Caden looking down at the dino with a huge crocodile tear running down his face. Let's just say out of the 30+ pictures I was shown I pick 7! I was warn out along with the boys and my mom. She quickly departed us after our adventure, at least this time we only had to wait 10 minutes for the pictures to be ready for us to view. If only every month had a holiday where people left to camp or whatever it would make picture day so much better. Well at least for my family, I 'm sure the photographers at the studio cringe every time they see the Peloquin Family on the schedule. Got to love us, right?....

Got the boys home to take a quick hour nap and to unload all the yummy food loaded me up with. Then it was back in the car to meet Anng and KJ for our play date! Got on the freeway with perfect time and then dead stop! Oh crap … yup again not a perfect day with out some excitement. I finally inched my way to an exit I could hope off on and go down the back way. Thankfully we weren't too late when we meet the girls at Tacoma Transit Station. We hoped on the Tacoma Light Link that is awesome and hey it's free along with free parking there. The kids loved it; Anng took super cute pics of them. The link let us off on 9th that is right below the museum, so all we had to do was walk up a block and over. ....

Of course both looking at the camera was not an option.

We got their and the place was completely empty, I mean only the two employees! So we let the kids go and run and scream … well ok most of the screaming was Cole. After dumping everything in the little kitchen on the floor it got real quiet. I look around the corner and find that Cole has gotten the worker to sit down and play with play-doo, his a real charmer like that. Kailey had the other worker sitting with her playing cashier. This was so worth the $6 to just sit and have a little mommy time while Cole had fun. At first I thought it was going to be a disaster with the way he was running and screaming, thought this may be another place where they put a picture of us saying no entry no matter the fee. See it isn't that bad when you have 20 other kids running and screaming, Cole will just blend in. But when you have only 2 kids there and the blonde tornado is throwing down they just have to give the look and I know its Cole...

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our play date.

When we first got there they had to put change in the fun tunnel.

Play-Doo with our friendly worker!

Cole and the play-doo fun, the best part is I didn't have to clean it up!!

Caden had to join the play-doo fun, thankfully also he couldn't reach it.

2 hours passed so fast, I think next time we may need to make it longer! We got back on link to get back to our cars (this time we got to ride the purple "Click" link). Got back to our cars and headed home to find dear old hubby just hanging out, no luck on my carpets getting cleaned. I did get him to water the plants and he put down everything known to man on my backyard. I'm now the proud owner of a backyard that is fertilized, new seed and oh yeah a little manure for good measure. Ok, Now to pray to the lawn gods that it is all soaked up and looking beautiful by Saturday. I know it's worth a shot right?....

Thanks to mom we had an awesome meal of pork lion, salad and cheesy broccoli. Oh yeah I'm stuffed, time to sit down and watch Next food network star. And I'm totally addicted to Army Wives! I just happen to see Catherine Bell was on it and Lifetime was having a marathon a few weeks back, so I thought what the heck I'll tape them. I had some free time over the last few days and I'm totally hooked, what an awesome show I'm sorry I didn't catch it the first time. Plus I got in late on the marathon so I missed the first 7 shows, added it to my blockbuster queue … yeah right VERY LONG WAIT is what it tells me. I got to give it to you wives that have husbands that serve. I'm not sure I that strong to handle it, I sure the show only shows half of what happens in real life but it sure is an eye opener! Love you all!!

To the tube I go!....

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