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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Reunion Day

Well this day started with a bang. Last night I couldn't get Cole to go to bed for the life of me. Finally the boy pooped out, I'm literally passed out face down on the carpet around midnight. Then of course it took me like an hour to wind down, I was hoping Rick would be home before I fell asleep, but no dice. He had a bachelor party to go to, now it's one that I wasn't too upset about, beside the fact that he was spending money and was out late with people who didn't even go to his (side note most are family). Ok back to the point this was no regular bachelor party, this was the party for the little boy in each of them that was screaming to get out, like that new commercial for VW were the guys inner child was screaming for pop rocks and orange soda. Yup that is exactly what this night was for them. It started at go karts for 1 hour, then they went over to a laser tag place for a 1 ½ hours, then off to a karaoke bar and of course they had to end the night at Denny's. All they had to do was add the pop rocks and orange soda and they would be on a sugar high coma … LOL. So of course he didn't get home until 4:45am! Which wouldn't be so bad except today is full day.

Here we go 6am and Caden is up and go no bottle nothing would get this boy back to bed, hey 5 hours of sleep isn't bad right? Get Rick up at 8:30am to go take the keg up to dad, I was so proud of him as you know he's so not a morning person and he actually go up on the 2nd warning by me. He loaded the car with the keg and the tents to go over the food and drinks. He headed up to their house to help get set up and then he had to go to work after that for a few hours.

I had good intentions to be up to my parent's house at 10:30am to get a good parking spot ½ hour before the party started. Well after baths for both boys, shower for me, getting the boys dressed along with myself, then of course I needed to do my hair. Geez after running around like crazy, got the boys into the car started the car and put it into reverse. Thankfully a light bulb went off in my head telling me that I was going to be gone almost all day, I better pack a few more things for Caden. Geez pull forward, run back into the house grab the walker, a jar of puffs, baby food and of course a bottle! Back in the car we go and head up to Bonney Lake. I was running so fast I forgot my coffee so I stop at my favorite little coffee shop to find out it was closed L. It looks like the bikini coffee shop that went up next to mine actually forced mine out of business, darn! Now I could go to the "other" stand but I refuse to have anyone nennie's anywhere close to my coffee, so back on the road we go.

The reunion was fun, we wore name tags this year so 80% of people said my name right, I was only called Alexia and some other form a few times. Better then last year I was called Elizabeth and Alexandra more time then I could count. Being a step child brought in when I was 9 was rough at first, but now that I'm older I can just laugh at the people who still treat me a little like an outsider. Over all it was a good time, a little hard trying to keep both boys happy. Caden was in his no one but my mom mood and Cole was running around and chasing kids. We did have a little problem sharing our toys, plus one little guy kept telling Cole he needed to go in the corner or he was in trouble. So after smoothing some feathers all was ok. Thankfully Rick got there around 3pm to help with Cole and Dad was done with his social time and was able to help with Cole. Rick got the job of taking everyone Jet Skiing, which everyone loved.

Everyone finally left around 8pm and the clean up began. Rick was making bonus points with mom he swept and put away everything. I did dishes and had a cup of two J with some yummy coffee with a little coffee liquor in it! Caden had fallen asleep and Cole was actually slowing down himself. About a ½ hour later I found him on the kitchen floor with a blanket over him. I thought he was just playing, but nope he was out cold. Had myself another cup of coffee, just a little nip of special stuff J and packed up the boys. Home Sweet Home!

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