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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday’s Child (Ahhh that David Bowie is an idol that I still love)

Can I be Thursday's Child??? I'm not sure if I'm anyone's child except maybe the slave to the piles on my desk today. Holly molly I knew today would be busy, but what the heck happened. I walked in and was slammed with a proposal that was due, after tweaking it and running around getting everything together I get that done. I have exactly one minute to breathe before the next hot one is thrown at me. Finally after eating my lunch at the desk and praying to the printer gods, I finish the printing and then help proof read. Ok stop laughing you who know me and know I'm the worst speller in the world, I looked for formatting changes.

Then I look at the clock and think to myself I better go pay the sewer bill today before they do something nasty. Thankfully I look in the purse for the bill and found I didn't have my checkbook on me. Oh crap so I run home and then back to down town Tacoma, Grrr! This day must end soon is all that kept me going, since once I was back in my office it was invaded by not 1, not 2 but 3 HUGE 3 ring binders that needed to be numbered and then run thru the copier. Oh yeah late night yet again, which is going to be nice on the paycheck tomorrow.

I couldn't wait to get home and take my shoes off, hoping that tonight's movie will be better, but not much hope there it's a Rick guy flick. Maybe a few glasses of wine will make it more interesting, do you think Rick could put the boys to bed by the time my lightweight butt to bed. I may even pass out on the couch, wait I have to work tomorrow!

We got home again Cole already had his dinner on the counter top. Thankfully I was able to grab the can before he tried the can opener on the pop top. I know what you're thinking what a great mom can food two nights in a row. You don't know it but Cole might gnaw off my arm if I don't food in front of him right as soon as we walk in the door. He's starving to death, don't you know … LOL.

My usual craziness is all I can explain what happened next. I remembered a $2 off coupon in my purse, I grab it and find out it is good thru today. Of course I have to use it because you know we may need another tube of A&D ointment. So of course that means I bathed the boys real quick and put them in PJ's because I'm white trashy like that … LOL just playing, if I get dirty looks from people I'll just give them back! So I load us in the car along with two black bags of garbage since my stupid brain fart on the trash bill. I drop the bags off with Rick and head to Target. While I'm there I'll use my other coupon for the garbage bags … I seem to need a lot of those lately.

Back home I go to get the boys into bed and finish up dinner for Rick and myself. Since Caden slept so well last night with the bowl of rice cereal last night I thought let's do it again, well Caden wasn't on the same page and wasn't have it. He got about ½ a bowl down and then a bottle and he was out. Rick watched his movie I was right a guy flick so I went into the bedroom to watch a few programs I have DVR'd. Maybe Caden will sleep the whole night thru. Hey it's a hope; I guess I better sleep before I fall over. Maybe tomorrow night I'll open that bottle of wine!

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