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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday’s Gone (Singing Lynyrd Skynyrd now aren’t you?)

I figure this week is music week no real reason, just because it sounded like fun! I wish Tuesday was gone but it's slowly hanging in there. Not much to complain about I guess, the morning was a little shaky Caden wasn't sleeping very well. I think he didn't get enough food, tonight I'll give him a little more. Work was work, worked on getting a project together which is always crazy. Especially when other companies don't show up on time to give you there stuff. One guy showed up 1 minute before 5pm and another guy showed up at 5:15pm and made a comment why our door was locked. Hello we close at 5pm, which is why I'm standing her in the dark to wait for you. Not because I enjoy hanging out in the dark. It was a nasty day today, no walking but on the bright side I don't need to water the lawn!

Got the boys home and fed, while I took a moment to call a friend about a job for Friday and Saturday nights. It's only a few hours a week and maybe a few hundred dollars, but that will help. Fingers crossed this one turns out to be a good one. I gave the boys a quick bath, while they gave my floor a bath at the same time. After soaking up the floor and the walls, I dry everyone off before Rick comes home. I have enough time to get the boys dressed and start our dinner before he walks in the door. It was another peaceful night of watching TV and just hanging out. Well besides the constant knocking coming from Cole's room. That boy is so like his father and is a night owl and can stay up all night long. He was either kicking the walls, knocking on the door and scream "I want a kiss" or "I have to go potty". Yup it's going to be a fun night I can just tell!

Today we did have a few milestones and cute things happen! Caden stood up all by himself and took 3 steps before going face down into the floor (thankfully it was on the carpet in the kitchen). And Cole in his rare cute moment told me that "I love you and brother" and then pulled us into a big bear hug. That is when you want to forget that you were just screaming your head off for them to listen. Those are the moments us moms live for.

So I leave you with "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. (Hint movie: Dazed & Confused)

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