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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not so relaxing Sunday

Finally a laid back day, well at least the first part was. The 7am wake up call from Caden was just what I needed … NOT. I rolled my butt out of bed and started the coffee maker, you know since I put the coffee and water in yesterday but forgot to turn it on! Yeah it's ready to go for today!

Get Caden all taken care of and when 9am rolled around he was ready to go back to bed! Yeah maybe I can get an hour nap before Cole gets up, nice thought mom! Put Caden down and almost make it to my room, when I heard Cole. Geez … can't wait for the day for both of them to sleep in, I'd even take 8am … I don't see this in my future anytime soon. Turn back around, thankfully the coffee pot is still on it looks like I'm going to need it.

Get Rick up around 9:45 to call my parents, and you all know how good he is about getting up. So around 10:15 he calls Dad, who is having breakfast with mom and said he will call back after breakfast. So of course that means go back to sleep while Alexis stays up with the boys! Sometimes guys can be real butts J. When I don't hear from Dad I give mom a call an hour later no answer, try again at 12:15 and she's wondering where we are? Geez … and she asked if the boys and I would like to come too, which makes Rick oh so happy!

Round everyone up and off we go to the parent's house. I love that Cole is getting bigger so he can go hang out with the boys while I hang in side with mom. Of course since we got there "late" Dad didn't really want to do the entire projects. Grrr …. Mom and Cole went shopping and to pick up her car. While Caden and I hung out in what shade we could find in the front yard. It was perfect he ate puffs and I read my book, I was breezing thru it and easy read 2nd book in the series and I'm excited to read the others.

Hung out read and then Mom came back with Cole; I should have known he would be sporting a new haircut. Dad then took Cole out on the paddle boat while Rick rode the Jet Ski, I read and mom put dinner together. I was a great way to end the night, except for Rick going on and on about his ice-cream that Cole I ate over the last few weeks. Rick is notorious for buying something then he eats a little and then leaves the other to sit and 90% of the time I throw it out. Well he bought some vanilla ice-cream a few weeks ago, he ate it one night and then it just sat there so over the course of 3 weeks Cole and I would share a bowl. So of course it was gone, and then he wanted a bowl! You would have thought I took away his best friend. The last week this is all I heard and of course he had to complain in front of my parents about it. And for those who know my mom she's always helpful in pointing out when I need to loose weight and telling her I ate ice-cream is just adding fuel to the fire. Geez … one day I may just stand up and smack him!

Made for a sour way to end the day and a very pleasant ride home! LOL oh well he'll get over it.

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