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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Word and Yet another Let down for me!

Well the plan was to leave early and go walking, but of course I didn't get out of work until let and then my evil side took over and out went the plans of walking. Yup you know it self sabotage yet again. Ok tomorrow no matter what I must go. I know Friday will be crazy, I have that phone interview for that after hour's doctor's office and then after work I must go find a pair of pants and a top for the wedding on Saturday. Shopping oh my favorite thing in the world to do … NOT. At least give me good lighting because I swear that florescent stuff makes my rear look even bigger, oh shut-up I know the truth it's just easier to fake myself out!

The cutest thing happened when I picked the boys up. Caden had learned a new word "ball" he was so cute trying to say it. Look at him grow up so fast, now if only he would walk with out holding onto my clothing or hand. I might get more done around the house. Yeah I know it's a dream!

Since I wasn't going walking I decided I better hit Safeway, you know since I would get so much walking there! I did do well an only had maybe one or two ok three Jo-Jo's that I bought for the boys to munch on while we shopped. I find found is the perfect bribe to keep everyone in there seats for 10 minutes, maybe 15 tops! We of course had to get the cart with the car attached. Because it's not like I run into things with just the regular chart, knock on wood I've never run over anything that was to big to put back together. So I put Cole in front and Caden in the seat by me, oh boy was the wrong move. Finally after several minutes of trying to calm him I figured out he wanted to sit with Cole. I put him in the front and off we went, picking up finger food for them to eat. And let me tell you chunky monkey Caden was letting the gal know she was being too slow, geez I thought I would have only one demanding child. Ok, I need spaghetti noodles, bread and black trash bags for Rick. Zoom thru and in the car we go, 2 out of 3 items on the list isn't bad right? Rick will just have to get his own trash bags; I'm not going back in.

We get home, I got the boys feed; took the meat that I cooked up last night (yup trying to be a head of the game); put it in the pan, went to grab the spaghetti sauce. "Oh Crap" no sauce, really??? I have everything in that shelf except the one thing I need. It looks like we're going back out. Clean the boys up from dinner and hop back in the car. This time we'll go to Target, no use in going to the same store twice, right? Guess I can pick up Rick's bags now also. Walk in to Target and Cole is starving, really? I don't think so dude, you had a corn dog and Jo-Jo's at Safeway and a whole can of spaghetti Oh's at home (because he couldn't wait for me to get the real stuff going). I put on the mom voice that we're just running in and no hotdogs today, thankfully the popcorn was empty or I may never had heard the end of it.

Grab my two items and of course have to check the other isles also. Rick's water is on sale; my water snob will only drink Dasani. It was on sale for $3.99 a case, right on grab two of those and we're off to the check out. Grab my wallet for the coupon I saw today while I cleaned out my purse, no where to be found (darn it was a $1 off garbage bags). Since we were next door to Rick's work, I dropped off a case of water to him. Glad I did he took Cole off my hands, so I could go home and do dinner with just one kid at my feet! Woo Hoo!

Homeward bound for spaghetti and a movie, I don't recommend 21 both Rick and I thought it was boring. Our fun entertainment was a balloon and Caden chasing it, saying over and over "Ball"! LOL it was way too cute, if I could figure out video on here I'd put it up.

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