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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Morning 3AM (Simon & Garfunkel Day)

Only if it started at 3am, I knew it was going to be a rough night. Caden was up at midnight, 1am, 3am, 5am and getting him to go back to sleep after that was a hard one. Finally I rolled out of bed at 6am praying the coffee gods had blessed me with a good cup. Oh yeah a couple more cups and I might be able to move my legs and arms. It won't remove the bags under my eyes, but hey the hair do I'm sporting kind of goes with that look. Maybe I can convince everyone that I'm on a punk rock faze of my life. These days curling my hair is the farthest from my mind; you get make up and tousled style with hairspray. It's the new look right?

Looks like another yucky day out, guess I better dress warm. The boys will be inside all day so they don't need to be bundled up so much. My office on the other hand has the AC on year round and feel like Mr. Freeze lives there. So it's sweater day again, yup I know its July.

Yet another busy day at work but tomorrow is going to be even busier. I sent an email to Lauren to see if we could reschedule our farmer market excursion to next Thursday. She had a sick little one and may need to stay home anyways, so I don't feel too guilty. You know how I hate the no-shows or cancel at the last minute people, drives me nuts! So I'm in the clear until next week. Now to get thru tomorrow, it's going to be a non-stop day!

A late night at work again tonight, did get to daycare until after 6pm. We raced home to make dinner and get our nightly routine back on schedule. Cole ran in before I could get Caden out of his chair. When I made it thru the door I found him on a chair getting a can of Dora Spaghetti O's. Guess that is what he'll be having for dinner, because by the time I put Caden down he already had the can in the can opener and pushing the button. Darn kids too smart for their own good, guess I don't have to worry about his teen years he's already mastered the can opener, the microwave and the TV … ha-ha.

Caden took 5 steps all by himself, soon he will be walking on his own. It's so great to watch his little face light up as he learns to do things on his own. Since Rick had insisted he have Taco Del Mar for dinner, I had a bowl of cereal. I didn't mind much I had my movie to watch "Lost Boys – The Tribe". I was so excited; I can't believe it's been 20 years since the first one. I curled up the couch will the boys played in Cole's bedroom. I must say it started out with a bang, or should I say blood bath. Ok not starting out the best, but hey it could get better. So after a ½ hour it was horrible, but I just couldn't give up on my movie. Even Corey Fieldman in his perfect Frog Brother voice wasn't going to save this movie. I gave it the full 92 minutes and was disappointed that Corey Haim wasn't anywhere to be found, I could have sworn his name was in the bio when I read about it. But then again his name wasn't on the name credits in the beginning. He really must have peeved them off when he couldn't remember his lines and looked like he was high as a kite (they showed it on The Two Corey's reality show I watch). I was about to turn off this movie and forget I just wasted an hour and ½ of my life when the screen blinked back on. Could it be … could my Corey Haim actually be on my screen. Yup it's true he's there. You would have missed it if you didn't sit thru a few of the credits. But even this didn't redeem my movie; they gave him not more than a 2 minute screen time. They turned him into a vampire and Fieldman was waiting for him and they said it was on. Rick said looks like they're setting it up for a 3rd movie. Really this one was a start to Video would they do another one start to Video? I guess as Rick said they did like 3 to Video of that stupid Bring it on (one of his favorite movies).

Well on that sour note I'm going to head to bed. Hopefully with a bowl food of cereal before his bottle, Caden will fall asleep for the whole night. Keep your fingers crossed, not sure I can pass off this style another day!

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