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Friday, July 11, 2008

ng Ready for the Party!!

Wow what a busy day today! It's the day before Caden's 1st party … wow I can't believe I just wrote that. It's so cheesy the saying time flies but it's so true, I swear it was just a few months ago that I had him. At least that is what I keep telling myself why I still have this baby weight. If only I could convince him that he can't get any older so I can say look I lost the baby weight. Ok I guess I started with a point here right? Ok back to where I began! I worked until noon with the plan to get all the party stuff done! Well I started out good, I was going to do a quick stop then go home clean and then come back to pick the boys up. Well here's how it went:

Drive over to Ross to exchange a pair of pants that I bought (of course not trying on) a size bigger then usual just to make up for not trying them on. Well let's just say laying on the bed taking a deep breath in barely helped, I probably could have taken a clue from Grease and used a pair of pliers! Needless to say they were going back, of course at the beginning of the week I had the receipt and the tag. Of course I took the receipt off before I tried them on, because that is what ever smart person does. This is the same person that hates dressing rooms because it's the "lights" that makes my butt look fat in all pants! So when I go to take them back I can only find the receipt and put them in the pocket of the pants. By the time I got up to the register the receipt had magically jumped into my purse (even though I just put it in the pocket when I got out of the car)! The tag which has been on my passenger side floor (perfect spot I know) is no longer there. Thankfully the thrifty shopper I am bought them on sale for $9.99, now you understand the buy them even a size bigger! So the receipt, that I found after a few frenzy moments empting my purse, was good enough to give me money. The I walked (don't get too excited it was only like 3 stores down, to Avenue to pick up a shorts that I saw on a email for sale. Get in there and found a cute top on sale and a pair of pants, happy to say both were a size smaller then usual! Again don't get too excited since I tried on several different styles that ranged in size, but hey I'll take it.

Get in the car to head home and Rick calls back to work I go. Almost walk out but my invisibility coat fell off and someone saw me J so I had to help out. Get back in the car and run over to the dollar store to pick up some last minute items and start to head home. Oh crap back to work I go forgot the bubbles under my desk, thankfully Jill ran out and gave them to me. By this time it would be a joke to go home and then turn back around to pick the boys up. Well that was a good plan at first! So I go pick them up and then thought I'll just cruise down Pacific and pick up so lunch. Just my luck a huge accident at 82nd so I go around that gets back on Pacific another accident at 74th … REALLY?? Finally get back on Pacific we go pick up some lunch and homeward we go!

After a quick bite to eat and I get to vacuuming and picking up the rooms so Rick can shampoo them when he gets home. Then watered the front and back yard get done just in time to get dinner going. Geez this day has flown by, it looks like an early morning for me. Rick was so sweet he said he would stay up shampoo the carpets and then mopped the floors for me. Yeah one less thing for me to do in the morning. Good thing since I need to get up at 7am and head to Wal-Mart for the cake and other items! Good night!

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