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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A EXTREMELY Long day, Calls for a LONG Post! Calgon Take me away! NOW darn it!

* Editor Note - I wrote this last night around midnight and forgot to post so that is why it's wrote that way.

I would love to know where my EASY button is or at least the restart button, oh wait on second thought I NEVER want to redo today. Let me just give you a little taste of today, then I want a LOT of comments about how 1 I did not stress eat myself thru the house or 2 knock out a few drinks or kids hey whatever came in contact first really I wasn't being too picky by the end of today.

Let me back up and start with the night that lead up to this day if that is what you want to call it, because by this time at night I have better choice words but I try to keep the blog on the PG side. My lovely children decided that bed was not a concept they were going to abide by. Finally got everyone down and I was just falling asleep when Cole decided that he needed to come to our room for bed. I barely noticed that the TV was on until I got him all tucked in and then out of the corner of my eye saw something that REALLY didn't look right. Cleared my eyes and saw parts of a women I really didn't want to see. Seems that Rick was watching the Movie Channel and feel asleep around 2am or something like that it starts playing "Adult" movies. Thankfully Cole was sound asleep, but it took some kicking to wake Rick up to find the remote control. You know getting out of bed was so out of the question since my land legs were asleep and I could barely see thru the sleep encrusted on my eyes. Good times!

Get back to sleep and the alarm goes off at 4:50am, time to roll out and start job #2 for the call center. Calls started to come in at a good speed, the lady I work with remotely also does a few different shows so wasn't on with me full time. About 2 hours into the show she let's me know she's not feeling well and is going to log off. No biggie I can get thru the calls, that is until I get like 65 instead of the 50 we get with 2 of us. I'm chugging along thinking ok maybe I'll only work a 1/2 hour over, I can deal with that. Mind you Cole decided 7am was the perfect time to get up and was "watching" tv in the other room, trying to talk to me the whole time. Around 9am Caden gets up along with our exchange student Roy. No prob I can handle the 3 kids and the phones, I'm super women. Did I mention Rick had to work at 9am also? Yup told you Good Times had by all at my house. A little after 9 I hear a blood curdling scream from Cole and then another and another. I of course was on the phone with an elderly lady that DID not want to let me go, her politics were more important for me to hear (sorry did that sound pissy?). I get her off the phone to find Cole in tears holding his arm and telling me Roy pinched him several times! Ok I've had it I'm working and there is screaming and now pinching, mind you I've talked to him at least 10 times in the short time he's been here about pinching, pushing and PUNCHING! Now most of you who know me think of me as passive and rather quiet, but when my boys get in trouble they hear it. Our exchange student has never gotten this side of me, that is until this morning. I completely lost the nice person and went to mom on fire! I marched into his room and let him know there will be no more, I have warned and talked to him SEVERAL times about this. He then went on to say well Cole was in my room, before he could get another word out I cut him off and told him NEVER is pinching acceptable along with pushing and punching. I then went on that this was it, we like having him here but I will not accept this behavior. Next time it happens I will call the host people! Now let me say this Cole is far from a saint, he's 4 so what do you expect. But when you invite him into your room and then you get board with him or he touches something you don't want him to do, you don't get the right to physically hurt him.

So after I literally had to count to 10 and almost put myself in the corner from shaking so bad, I went back to the calls. I finally finished around 10am!!! Oh did I mention we had a birthday party at 10:40 that I had even showered for, or mind you gotten the boys ready for? So quick shower and everyone dressed, guess what time we leave? Yes you got it 10:40, ok it's 15 min away I can make it! That is with 1 good traffic and 2 you know where the heck you are going (which I did not). So of course we get there like 25 minutes late, it's a a laser tag place and the game is already on. They were very nice and let the boys go in even with 6 minutes left of the game. Now let me tell you those doors open and a very upset crying Cole came out. It seems that dark and smokey can be scary, how knew? And when your buddy Roy doesn't stay by you and looses you, it can freak a 4 year old out. Did I mention the person that then commented on what a wimp my child was and waste of money that the birthday host wasted on my son? Oh yeah can you say seeing the color of red? I'm sorry did I mention he's 4? Along with the nasty looks we got, really is that needed? Like I knew he would freak out or that his "buddy" would leave him (well I guess I should have guessed that one). I wanted to say to this women that you know it's part of having a party, like Cole's party I sent $150 for 20 kids to show some people left a child at home and some brought extras, I was still short on the number of kids. Does this mean I should call this people and ask for the money? NO it's part of being a mom and throwing a party! It was just a BAD morning, poor Cole was in the way got stepped on and then yelled at for being in the way. My poor little man was just not having the best day, he and his momma both need a break. Oh wait there's more we went for pizza where someone left there ball, Cole picked it up and got yelled at for taking someones ball. That and then was yelled at for kicking someones chair during the lunch. Do you ever feel the need to start screaming at people and kids?

After that you would think I would head home for the day, but no we had 1 more birthday party to go to! Yes you read that correct, I'm that crazy and feel that all my hair needs to be pulled out. We had a brief gap between the two and I took the boys home for a nap, since the parties were at different areas of my house. Thankfully the second party was more low key, but so low key that there was no real direction or flow. So for about an 1 1/2 hours of chasing my youngest away from the stairs they opened presents and we bolted. No thanks we so do not need any more cake, and No I don't want to take it home (so I will then eat it tonight, since I'm a closet stress eater). Since we were in the area we stopped by my parents house, yes I know I'm really nutty. There was a method to my madness, if we go there then the boys can play with Bapa (my dad) for a while and I can have a cup of coffee. See I'm really not totally nuts, well I guess I am but it feels oh so much better to get that off my chest. Now to find a calgone bath to soak my troubles away, what you talking about that is just a marketing ploy?

Just to leave you with a laugh, we have another birthday party tomorrow :). Ok my shift is for the night time is done, I think I'll head to bed. Where I just found my 4 year old again, hmmm little turd keeps sneaking in. I think tonight I'll let him stay he's had a rough day, is it more for him or me. Oh stop analysising me!

This is what one of the rooms looked like with a flash. I think I would have been scared too.
The Group (poor Cole still scared)
Caden was ready to roll, Mom kept making me stay with her :(
A little bit happier. Check out the wall!
Look half way smiles! I'm moving up!


  1. OMG...what a day!!! And the weekend isn't even over.

    I used to do remote from home for West. It was a decent gig.

  2. Wow, poor Caden. I probably would've yelled at those moms for yelling at my child. I will be a very protective mommy hen.. haha I can normally keep my temper with adults but when someone yells at a child I flip.
    Like this lady one time at Costco brought in her Granddaughter so cute by the way. And her grandma just pushed her up to the counter is like "what do you want?"
    And the little girl said sweetly "a yogurt"
    Then the grandma muttered "you don't even deserve this treat you are a brat"! I couldn't believe it! A grandma said that!
    Granted I couldn't say anything because i was working but i would've said something if i wasn't.
    Anywho so what is this call center thing you do.. it sounds interesting. :D

  3. Poor you...I couldn't imagine. If I did even think about working (which I've already decided is not going to happen until I've completed school and get my degree) there is no way I could ever do it with my kids at home, they are nuts! But kudos to you for pulling it all together and even managing to throw in a birthday party! Good job!

  4. Thanks girls I so needed a little adult pep talk! Yesterday was not one I want to every repeat. Might be the reason I'm still in my PJ's and hour before the next party. LOL, Thanks girls!

  5. oh my. well, it can only get better from here right?

  6. Boy, you poor girl! You just brought back memories of parties at Chuck E Cheese; which I hated! Kids get lost when you have two...mothers that stand around and do not talk to each other...I could see his smile was kind of going up on one corner, he is so cute, like his mom of course!

    One day you look back and laugh...while reminding them of what we went through so they can have a fun childhood! Work too...

  7. Wow! You need to go to work on Monday just to get some rest! Roy is lucky to be alive. He is way too old to be pinching a kid way younger than him. Man, that really torques me! I cannot believe folks were being so nasty at that the laser place. I think you need calgon and a bottle of wine. I hope today was better for you!

  8. Ok.. i'm totally tired now!! I am hoping you had a much better day today!! If it makes you feel any better you just got an award from me...

  9. Yup I REFUSE to ever go to Chuck E cheese, that place is nuts. I so hear you and boy we had those moms there. It's like they don't want to make friends, so they don't talk. Really I don't want to be your friend, but standing here looking at each other really isn't fun either!

    Debra your so right, that is why I totally lost my cool and had the "talk" about pinching. Enough is enough, I have bent over backwards and tried my hardest to make you feel at home. If someone bugs you come get me, Hello I'm just a room away!

    Ahh Felicia how many times can I tell you and everyone that you're the best. You gave me the biggest smile and I so appreciate the award.

    When I lost the last layout I lost my awards, I need to put them all back on. Hugs, Girls.

  10. So here is the deal when you run into these jackasses send them to me because I will hang them up by their fingernails..what jerks!!!

    Moving on---and why haven't I seen you over at my blog lol...are you not busy enough?

    Also are you going to join Iron Cupcake because if you don't its okay..I'm having remorse especially after reading about your day!

    Much love--

    Christine aka Mistress of Cakes

  11. Girlie everytime I try to leave a msg, it won't let me see the capi to press send :(.

    I would love to do the Iron Cupcake, when and where and what all do I need to do.

    Thanks people like that make me very angry, even more when you know the person.

    Much love back at ya, not ignoring you just can't get the silly blog to let me leave a msg. Hugs


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