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Monday, January 19, 2009

Make Something Monday ~ January 19th Addition

Make Something Monday

Here we go everything to start! My Helper again (Cole) pours the tomato sauce in.
Cutney (well the store didn't have any so used a glaze)It calls for Coke, but all we have is Pepsi.
Yup that is the inside of my fridge, check out the box on the bottom. Yup that's coke, see how much we drink pop I have no clue how long that has been in there.The Sauce is ready! Hmm Smells good mom! The roast with a rub.Put the roast in the sauce and let marinate over night!
Now chop up the onions. It says to do this in the morning, but do they think I'm crazy do play with a knife at 6am??
Saute the onions, put in the fridge for tomorrow am.
Next morning pour the sauce and roast into the crockpot.
Oh darn I so space on putting my liner in!
Throw the onions on top.
Flip it on low and cook for 8-10 Hours.
Yummy come home and the house smells so GOOD.
And plate it up and ready to go (Look E, smaller plate and portion)

Coca Cola Pot Roast

1 3 lb or so chuck roast cut to fit crockpot

1 tsp EACH garlic powder, granulated onion and ground pepper

1 cup thick tomato sauce or paste 1 cup fruit chutney your choice (ie. peach chutney or cherry chutney)

1 12 oz can real coke

1 cup of water

2 large onions chopped and diced

2 TBSP oil Rub meat with dried seasoning.

In big 2 gallon doubled ziplock bag mix tomato sauce/paste, chutney, coke and water well.
Put meat in bag with tomato coke mix and seal. Make sure meat is well coated with marinade in bag and let marinate in refrigerator overnight.

In AM put oil in pan and saute onions until golden.

Take meat out of refrigerator and place meat and sauce in Pammed large crockpot

Place sauteed onions on top of meat in crockpot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

Serve with pan juices, *Can substitute beef or pork short ribs

Recipe from :) Enjoy


  1. that looks fantastic. What time should I be over for dinner?

  2. Me too, so what I cannot eat fatty things this week...where are the mashed potatoes??? Gotta have me some of this...I would be happy at your house...

  3. This looks YUMMY! I am making your chicken enchildas today. ;-)

  4. I just realized that you live where it is cold, so why is that coke not in the garage? Just throw out the soda and drink wat-ta! :)

  5. ooooh meat.. arhhhh (drooling like Homer Simpson).. he chickie grab a diapie and stop by my blog.. I gave you props today my funny lady:-)

  6. That meat looks good, I will take a hunk, and that their boy looks like he could work a ship like mine...keep an eye out (lost one of mine) or I might pirate that young'en of yurs...arrrrrrrrr matie!

  7. You girls crack me up! And your all welcome to come over for dinner anytime! I would be honored to have you over, that and some wine and I think we'll have a GREAT time!

    "misfitcookie" you sure sound like someone I know I just can't seem to put my finger on who ... LOL

  8. Looks yummy...I need to learn how to cook something other than Hamburger Helper...I hate that stuff, but it seems like that's all I ever have time to cook!


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