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Friday, January 23, 2009

2 kids and a concerts. Sound like fun?

You know one day my life may be normal and settle down. For some reason I'm thinking that statement may never come true, which I think is ok since life just wouldn't be the same. So on to my story, I know that is why you all tune in for.
Yesterday I was SUPER excited I finally had my hair appointment, after 3 times of rescheduling to coordinate with a person at works time off. I finally had the appointment and come Hell or High water I was going to get there. Of course I couldn't leave on time and I was rushing and got to the salon 10 minutes late. Well what I thought was 10 minutes late turned out to be 20 minutes late. Seems I played a trick on myself ... LOL I put it on my calendar for 1/2 hour early and forgot I did that. So I'm happy to report I was 20 minutes early to something! 2 hours later I was leaving the beauty parlor feeling like a new women, a lighter shade and a NEW textured hair do. No clue but she took a razor to my hair and called it textured, hey I take what I can get.

I had enough time to pick the boys up and grab a quick bite to eat before Roy's concert started. I'm sorry to say with 1/2 hour and no wary near home we had to have fast food. On the way back to the car I smell that Caden had me a special present! Great no diapers in the car, so a quick run to Walgreen's and $20 later I have diapers, wipes and snacks! We get to Roy's concert with a few moments to spare. A quick diaper change in the car and even a evil look from an older couple and even a comment. I was so not in the mood by the time we made it into the gym for a 7PM concert! Really 7PM?? Who thinks this crap up?

Roy's part went really fast and then he sat on the side. Now trying to keep a 18mo old and 4 year old to sit still after 45 minutes is a little hard. I went thru 2 boxes gummy lifesavers and 4 boxes of raisins (we shared with 2 other boys) in 45 minutes and we were done! I could no longer keep Caden sitting down with out crying and Cole had popcorn popping in his pants. I started to pack up and was able to step down with a very unpleasant principal came over to me. She asked me if I was Roy's host mom and then said in such a pleasant tone that it looks like my boys are becoming unruly and rambunctious and that she would tell Roy to grab his stuff so we could leave! Really lady I didn't know that, I wasn't about to stand up and walk out to the car and no I didn't notice the rude looks from a certain lady behind me who suddenly forgot what it was to be a mom with young kids. By this time I was seeing red and wanted to knock this 5 foot 80 year old puss faced principal off her block. Instead a used my breathing and grabbed my kids. Along the way a crying Cole who was screaming he didn't want to leave and that he would be good. Yup good times, don't you want to come visit?

Grab some ice cream since the kids didn't have enough well balanced meals in them and headed home for bed! I even ended up with a certain 4 year old in my bed who mind you slept with his feet by my head and decided that he was a soccer player and I was the ball. I even had a pissy husband at 3am trying to take the same 4 year old to bed who had a fit. Which started a nice little war in my room, which a certain little boy ended up winning! Can I call UNCLE yet?


  1. You had me at poopie diaper...and then the popcorn popping in his pants! So glad those days are over...makes us appreciate peace and quiet, and BTW I am not the type that sits somewhere giving dirty looks, I try and tell the parent it did not bother me at all :)

  2. I know that you know this already, but I COMPLETELY understand! And rude old people starring and making comments sets me on fire as well...they are lucky I respect my elders because seriously I've very much wanted to cuss quite a few old hags out myself. And why the hell our schools insists on making every school related activity that you feel obligated to take your kids to or risk looking like a terrible mom so late is beyond me...I could go on for hours, but I'll stop. I'm just amazed that you kept your cool...I could never have done that, but that's probably why most of the school staff hate me...oh well no love lost! Hugs.

  3. Well said girls! I couldn't say it any better. Man, my heart broke when I read that Cole was crying and said he would be good. I want to smack those stupid people.

  4. Ahh my girls, I so appreciate your kind words. I think next time I need to take my army with me! I couldn't get over how rude people were and the principal wanted to make me loose my buscuits. I so don't understand the late night close to bedtime things. This is the third time they have done this to me. I'm so done that you could stick a fork in me and I may just turn to mush ... :)

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by!

    Seriously, why do people have to be so rude when little kids are just acting like little kids?

  6. UNCLE!!!!!!!!!! You need a break girl!!!! You need to win a giveaway at Go Graham Go too.. what is up with random?? Seriously!!!!!!!

  7. I know kids hello did we all forget that they little balls of energy???

    The is protesting against me on Go Graham ... LOL. I know Uncle with some loot would be a GREAT thing! Come on GOD!!!!


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