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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

(Semi)Wordless Wednesday - Diaper Cake Addition

Well as semi-wordless as this Chatty Cathy can be ... Oh shhh it's hard for me! It's like the way I cook "Semi-Homemade", as mom's apron says "Put on your Big Girl Panties and Deal with it".

Well today I had it scheduled for some funny video's of the boys dancing, well what you can expect from two white boys that Dad thinks a box step is dancing. Well long story short (see I told you I just can't) computer was having problems last night and I couldn't log on so I'm going with a picture I have here on my computer at work. Oh stop gasping I'm on a break, you know the state makes you take 2 of them a day! Geez stop being so hard on me! Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Hmmm maybe since I'm having this conversation in my head as I type, maybe I did? Nope it's NEVER me, it has to be the people in the wall. I'm sticking with that! Oh sorry back to wordless ... LOL.

So here's my crafty side, with help from mom she worked in a florist years ago and can rock a bow like no one's business! I've become known for my diaper cakes and actually have sold a few for people! Yup look at me go, really didn't make much but hey who cares $1 an hour is fare wage right? Ok back to the point ... Here is one of my diaper cakes! If you must know (heavy sigh insert)! I roll each diaper (count them 101 usually) individually with a ribbon that says "It's a Girl", "It's a Boy" or "Congratulations". I've done 3 tiers and up to 5 tier cakes, each tier is tied with matching ribbon (this is where mom comes into play). Usually a theme so the ribbon and animals match! And scattered on each level is items that match the "theme". Don't ask I'm crazy with theme's, you have a party for a kid with a theme and I go crazy finding a toy, a gift bag and card (which I always forget and is added to the collection in my junk drawer) with that theme. Yes I know I have a "touch" of OCD, oh shhh I say a touch and that's where I draw the "themed" line ... LOL

Sorry got a little wordy, I just can't help myself! With out to many more words, since it's Super bowl Sunday I thought I'd show off my Football theme Diaper Cake. I made this for one of Rick's bosses (don't even ask the boy has had a lot of different jobs).


  1. being that we've got FOUR kids to put through college (not to mention my coupon, shoe and handbag adictions) I'm always looking for a way to make a buck or $40.. so I have a suggestion babe.. dump the diapers and do it with puppy pads.. Wha? Hear me out. These days the only people who seem to have a good amount of "disposable" (insert pun here)income are puppy parents.. and I'm telling you they'll fork over the BUCKS! We actually have a swanky pet boutique that only sells freaking doggie bling in it!! SO babe toss the nappies and go for the puppy pads.. make your cakes and SELL THEM!!!!!

  2. That is just way to freakin cute Alexis, you are creative girlfriend...Yeah I am excited and to think I used to sew a diaper bag pattern for my gifts, and they looked so 'hoiser' (that is ghetto for crummy and homemade looking, lol), but my son still has his little frog I sewed in the pocket on his dresser (if that does not scare off his potential baby mommas, lol)

  3. That is so cute! Where did you get the pig/football topper? I need one of those!

  4. What an adorable diaper cake!

    And def. agree with DiPaola Mommy about the puppy cakes! People are nuts about their dogs!

  5. That is way cute, and you are no good at wordless Wednesday!!

  6. That is awesome!!! Defin. a make something monday.. why aren't you joining in??! LOL!

  7. came over from SITS. Your cake is adorable. I wouldn't think you'd have any problem selling them.

  8. Hi Alexis!
    It is good to meet you! Thanks for coming over to visit with me the other day ~ I always love to talk to a SITSta!! :) That diaper cake is too cute and I'm sure you would sell a lot of them! Love the SuperBowl theme :)
    Hugs, Bebe :)
    P.S. I'm now a follower!!

  9. Wow, that is beautiful. You are really talented.


  11. Adorable! Great photo, you should do a closeup...


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