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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm a WINNER!! Yup I'll say it AGAIN I'm a WINNER!!

So today I got THE best gift showed up at my work!! I'm so excited I've entered like 5 different sites trying to win and I FINALLY won one. Now the girls that model these are super cute and can pull these off with nothing under it, me I think I'll stick to keeping clothes under neath. No Rick doesn't get a vote here because he would love a new "costume" ... LOL just playing! So check it out girl of course it shows up on the day I don't do my hair, and I couldn't wait until tomorrow when my hair was done to do the post!

Thank you Carolyns Kitchen and my Fav blog Steals and Deals (No it's not because I've won TWICE yes take that 2 times, sorry my competitor little girl came out again!!!). I also love the gloves that match I so need to go back and pick up a pair. Oh wait Rick will so love those, hmmm maybe I can just comment on them and see if he gets the hint. Yup he sucks at hints ... LOL.

Check it out girls!

Check out the label!
Isn't that the cutest thing!
Then I open and it see this awesome paper!
OMG isn't that the CUTEST!
It's called Sweetheart in HOT PINK!!!
Ok bad hair day, but check it out girls!
Yup I'm rocking it even with bad hair!!
It is now part of my wall of Apron Fame!
Next to my apron mom bought me yes it says:
"Put on your big girl panties, and deal with it!"
And the blue is my Grandmother's apron (she passed away a few years back)


  1. Man if I didn't already think you where my long lost illegitmate sister.. I'd have to HATE you for this one!! I've entered at least 3 contests for one of these.. I love me my aprons.. though I think this one might not make it to the kitchen..(naughty giggle). Congrats woman, still hate you, but luv you.. oh I'm so confused!!

  2. I get in so much trouble with my hubby because I do not wear an apron, I did in the cafe, but at home well lets just say I have a few grease scars we will not give visuals, and girl you are a 'Weiner' in my mind! :)

  3. Oh girls first off Rick yet again asked about the apron. D (like the new nickname) I think he was on the same wave length as you!

    E (see the name theme) girl I have the worst scars from McD's working there! My arm was used a greese scraper of the gril several times. And deep fryer splatters and nylons not the best combo. Don't you love working for a male pig who said girls couldn't wear pants! Opps sorry slipped back there.

    D I know you love me no matter what :).

  4. Awesome it looks super cute on you!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I want to get an apron. I don't own 1. But I'm so messy & clumbsy, that I need 1.

  6. I'm trying to win one of these aprons on another blog! Thanks for coming by and visiting. I love meeting new bloggers!

  7. That is so cute! And you look adorable in it!

  8. love it! congrats on your win, it's so cute on you!

  9. Ahh sucks girls you make me blush! Glad you all thought I was cute because now my head might not make it threw the door ... LOL


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