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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ... Here I come I think!

Ok not totally wordless, but really would you expect anything less then lots of words from this crazy mom? So Today I share with a rare species caught on camera, well they only part rare is the part caught on camera going out looking like this. Awhile back I blogged about running to the pharmacy in my PJ's and Rain boots (sorry no pictures). But this Sunday when I was totally spent and just had to leave the house before I lost the 2 marbles that I still had. So for those of you who have connects with What Not to Wear. Here I am in my full non matching, crazy hair and no make up look. Some of you that are fragile may want to advert your eyes now!

I'm warning you it's not pretty! Ok you're entering at your own risk! Really I did warn you!

Here I am in the full glory of hair (not combed, well I fingered combed) and no make-up!
And the kicker of the outfit was not the over sized (thank god is still over sized) sweater of my hubbies. I know what a shock! Nope it's the WHITE socks with black shoes and black pants (that may just have had a few spots I can't explain, thanks Caden). I warned you the legs are SUPER WHITE, hello I live in WA and there is no Sun!


  1. You are so much braver than me...I still have issues going outside without full make-up...I have no idea why since I've had 4 kids and the majority of the free world (at least it felt that way at the time) has saw me naked giving go girl!

  2. Oh the horror... look away before your are blinded! ahhhh.. SHUT UP WOMAN honestly it's still not as bad as that woman with the yellow dress and the smiley faced panties:-)

  3. Hey you look fine to me...if I was into girls I would ask you to have an affair! Your cute *wink* lol, white socks and all...oh and hubby wants to know if you live near where the book Twilight take place, any vampires around, and they are not picky either, lol

  4. LOL! Oh my gosh sister you are not bad at all! I concur with the smily face underpants lady..that was obnoxious.....I hate going out of the house without makeup but you don't look bad at all!

  5. You look better than me on my best day! You make crazy look good! ;-)

  6. LOL on your Michael Jackson stylings! You look great!

  7. LOL! You're looking better than me at this moment! :)

  8. Ahh Girls you make me blush!

    Felica I'm seeing if I can dig out the white glove and red pleather jacket. NOW that would be a picture that could hurt the eyes ... LOL

  9. Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you will continue to check back for more fun style tips, ramblings about travel, decor, fashion & personal style. I love how many giveaways you have on your blog! Outstanding! So, the hair and no-makeup is fine but I am having a hard time getting past those white socks!
    Maybe you should have a mommy emergency kit in the car for those times of fashion crisis whether it be a last minute date, running away for your sanity or other.


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