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Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are some of your time saving tips? Along with My life ...

My girl Felicia has given us another challenge to earn extra points for her giveaways ... You know I'm a crazy person and we'll do about anything (ok blogging stuff) for extra chances. Make sure to check her out at and Jolly Mom who are having the amazing Mom '09 Giveaways :).

Ok as some of you know I'm a "Semi-Homemade" gal, which means I use some premade stuff to make my items. Christmas cookies I used Betty Crockers cookie mixes and added to them, it was perfect and saved a BUNCH of time! I'm a huge fan of my crock pot, throw all the ingredients in and let it go all day. You come home to a meal ready to go so now grumpy little ones circling you like they may just nibble at you soon! Another favorite item is my breadmaker, I love fresh bread for Cole's sandwiches but I'm not a kneader (hey I like these wiggly arms). So the breadmaker makes my life simple add the stuff in and let it go, 2 hours later fresh bread ... YUMMY! So girls there are a few of my tricks, now give me my 5 extra entries! Oh sure I have to pick and choose when to use them, ugh more work ... LOL yeah I know I'm never fooling anyone!

And a SUPER FUN note I as usual am living proof of a cross between when "It Rains, It Pours" and some sick "Darwinism". As some of you know Rick had problems with his teeth, went to have surgery found out his work somehow didn't pay his dental? Then we get a notice that his work filled for bankruptcy, thankfully still working but who knows for how long. Then yesterday I get informed that work is slow and they will be cutting me down to 32 hours a week (ok 8 hours doesn't seem like a lot but when you're barely making it with normal hours it is a BIG deal). Then late last night I go to use the restroom to find the exchange student has clogged the toilet again with TO much TP!! I try plunging it and nothing happens, I grab Rick and he tries to snake it. A 1/2 hour later the toilet is still not draining right and I have very peeved husband. In just 5 minutes I will have a even more upset husband. So he crawls under the house and I hear him yelling not so nice words. Come to find out he's not swearing at me, he's telling me what is down there. I'll family friendly it for you, it looks like a pipe burst and I know had poo everywhere under the house. GREAT!!

So today my dad came over found a strap broke and a pipe hung and with all the bad weather we've been having the pipe expanded and that the story and I'm sticking to it. I'm too upset to put a witty comment here. Thankfully my LOVELY dad and hubby got it temporary fixed so I am no able to go potty at home. Did I mention we only have the ONE bathroom? Yup and the kicker is we remodeled it not even 3 years ago, new pipes ... LOL.

When it Rains it doesn't just Pour it becomes a Monsoon on my little space. Do I sound all Eeyore? Yup I'm taking my black cloud and running with it! Yelling all the way I've had my 3 bad things isn't that the rule, no more please!!!!


  1. Oh sweetie I'm so sorry you had such a bad day, but trust me when I say that I am right there with you! It seems like as soon as I get over one big huge ordeal there's another one at the door smiling at me to let it in...and it SUCKS!

  2. I am sorry your day was sucky like that *hug*...I was taking Robert to NYC, and he came out of our toilet to say it was broken, so now I feel like after we talked I am going to have some challenges thrown my way...I talk the talk, so now I have to walk my talk, lol

  3. Thanks my dear I really appreciate your kind words and support!

    They say the Lord gives you only what you can handle, but I think these shoulders are at there max! I'm sure I'll get thru this and like you say another thing will be waiting.

    Talk about non sunshine blog post ... LOL no roses today.

  4. Oh no Chef E I hate that I passed down the luck to you. Hopefully you have 2 bathrooms, unlike us with the one. UGH!!

  5. I just noticed it said 'Any time saving tips' on here, well one is we could loose a few family members and all take a girls trip somewhere!!!

    I know I was having a day dream moment! I told Robert I was going to WA...I will help dig under the you dig, I will cook :)

  6. want to feel better? I'd stop by with some appletinis if I could but since I can't come stop by my blog and see if it makes ya feel any better! heart ya babe:-)

  7. Here is a time saving tip: GET RID of the exchange student! I'm sorry you have had such a crappy day. (Pun intended he he)

  8. Chef E come on over! Debra can bring the wine, you can cook yummy stuff and I'll go under the house and dig us out of the Poo ... LOL

    DiPaola YEAH I won!!! Now that did put a smile on my face! Thanks girlie.

    LOL Nana you crack me up! Love the Pun


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