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Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Toys Review ~ Indoor Gardening Kit

I have had the best opportunity to do a review for Green Toys Inc., well I should Cole had the opportunity too. Since he was overjoyed to make "his" garden. He's been so wanting his own garden since I planted mine. He doesn't just want to water mine, he wanted his own! So when the Indoor Gardening Kit arrived Cole actually jumped up and down!

So today I told Cole if he was a very good boy we could do his Indoor Gardening Kit. Talk about being on ones best behavior! So after dinner we got down to busy starting Cole's Indoor Gardening Kit. Talk about so easy and kid friendly, really I was just there to supervise. I read the super easy directions to Cole and he did each step! I can't wait to see the little sprouts come up. I just know he's going to be overjoyed when he actually sees something growing. He stops by mine each day and runs and gives me a report of how tall they are, so I can't wait for his own to be tall and when they are big enough we will transfer them to a bigger space.

As most of you know trying to be a better mom/person I've been trying to be more earth friendly. That is what the amazing thing about Green Toys Inc. is all about. Now get this the toys are made up of 100% curbside collected, recycled plastics. Ok a quick in your face to all my friend who made fun of me for washing and collecting all my plastics and putting them the recycle ... see I TOLD you I was making a difference! Green Toys Inc. are Made in USA, they produce less greenhouse gases, save energy and are safe and non-toxic. What more can you ask for then giving your child the best toy out there. Really helping the environment and fun things for your kids, yup I'm sold!

Some of you are asking how can Green Toys save energy, well let me tell you:

On Average, every pound of recycled milk jugs used in the making of Green Toys:

  • * Saves Energy equal to 3,000 AAA batteries!
  • * Saves enough electricity to power a TV set for
  • 3 whole weeks (isn't that cool)
  • * Saves enough electricity to keep a laptop
  • computer running for a month!
The best part is it is so easy to buy any toy online like AMAZON ... Yup so EASY! I found the wonderful Indoor Gardening Kit on sale on Amazon for $24.99 click here for the deal: Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit. You must check out Green Toys to see all the awesome toys they have another favorite of ours were the Recycling Truck and Dump Truck. And for the girls in your life check out the Tea Set and the Cookware & Dining Set.

A BIG thank you to Green Toys Inc. for making my little boy a very happy boy with his own Indoor Gardening Kit. We had so much fun planting and watching the dirt grow! Oh yeah did I forget to save the kit came with dirt disk that you added warm water too and the dirt grew from there ... yes it was a HUGE hit with Cole! He refused to leave the seat, even though I told him the directions said 20 minutes ... LOL. Nope he had to watch it grow and scream at me every few seconds to come check out the dirt growing ... yes I was laugh the whole time! For a wonderful environmentally friendly toy and a toy that you would be proud and love to have go check out Green Toys Inc. I promise you'll be very happy you did!


  1. That is so cool I know my Princess would love it :) thanks for the beautiful review :)

  2. Catherine would absolutely love this! Thanks to Cole for being an awesome reviewer!

  3. That looks fun -- I may have to order some for school this year.
    Thanksf or sharing -- gre
    at review.
    He looks like he had a wonderful time.

  4. Really neat. Do you know you have text running across your post?

  5. Thanks for doing this review! It looks like something that my kids would love. Maybe they'll get this for Christmas!


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