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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Plus a Birthday Update

First off .... Check out my birthday giveaway it will be for 2 weeks!!! Lot's of amazing things for you to celebrate my birthday ... Yup you know it, I'm cool like that ... LOL.

A pretty slow weekend, I did run out Saturday morning after working (5am - 10:30am) down the street to get a pedicure. Yes it was meet with a nice response from DH, who I let sleep in until 10:45 when I wanted to leave. Guess he was not so happy I wasn't giving him warning? WTF??? So instead of what I usually do and just stay home I left! Yup I actually thought of myself and took some me time! But of course I didn't have an apt and had to wait a little bit and that made DH even happier. So of course I ran out with toes still wet, no shoes an no cute flower on my toe :(. Got home to the grumpy boy so he could leave for work. The boys and I sat home Saturday and did nothing and YES I almost lost my mind! Thankfully my parents took pity on me and took me and the two boys to a Mexican Restaurant. Yes I know you read that correct we took the boys to a restaurant we're I pulled out EVEN more hair! I know it was nuts trying to get them to sit down! Yup that was my relaxing .. LOL Saturday

Sunday am I worked to 2am (started at midnight) and of course the boys decided to get up at 8:30am. Caden he thought I was a pony jumped on and started hoping on me! Yup time to get up. Instead of hanging out at home again I got everyone dressed and went to the zoo. Of course couldn't find my camera thought it was at work. So I stop by work, go in the door and enter my alarm code and guess what it doesn't work! WTF??? Thankfully I knew the emergency one that stopped the ear piercing noise. Called the principal and he said oh yeah I messed up a few numbers, talk about giving a girl a heart attack! Then I can't even find my camera! UGH, so I borrow a camera and off to the zoo we go. Guess what just my luck batteries DEAD in the camera ... LOL. We walk around for 2 1/2 hours and time to leave. I still don't want to go home so I call my friend Christina and off to her house with her 4 kids we go.

After that mom calls and over to her house we went where I had a lovely glass of wine, got to read my book and had a GREAT dinner. Yup pictures of that are on a camera I can't find .. LOL. I'll post them as soon as I can!

Birthday update:
I had a lovely day the girls at work spoiled me and even one of the engineers (the same one with the 2 chocolates in the Gene Juarez Bag).

So the amazing gifts I received:

Thank you Ed!!
Sorry unwrapped it before I took the picture
In engineering paper with a red bow he drew on it :)
Oh look a binder clip box ... LOL
Yeah My FAV ... Cinnamon Candies!
Thank you Susan a $25 Coffee Card!
Of Course the coffee I picked up!
Thank you Jill, Look at all those awesome things.
My Fav a Pink MUDD purse :) oh ya and
2 bottles of one! One was called Lexia :)
Thank you Jana
Awesome Pink Bucket, Photo Book, Yummy Candle
and a Necklace and Purse Pull she made!
Thank you Ann
Pretty Red, Pink & White wash clothes, Yummy soap
and pearls for a necklace for her to make in the future!
Thank you Kathy
A flashlight, a shot glass and a screw driver set
Press that button and the door swings up and into an A frame!
And DH present
A closet organized
Yup that's my man all about the practical :)
Yes he bought it today ... LOL


  1. Well...Happy Birthday to you gurlie. Looks like you got some nice gifts. Is there a hidden message in there with that closet organizer???? Or did you ask for that? Just checkin. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday to you looks like you friends and family helped you make out like a bandit

  3. Wow, you racked up! Hope you had a happy birthday!

  4. You lucky duck!! Happy Bday!

    ps. I'm not at girlintheglasses anymore! I've moved to

  5. I Love the candy in the little binder clip box!!!
    You got some awesome goodies!! LOVE the purse!!!

    Now, is your husband going to be even better & put in your closet organizer for you?

  6. looove that purse... and even though it was rushed, im so glad you got a pedi!

  7. WOw! You really raked in some cool stuff....enjoy!

  8. Hey we like Hot Tamales! We are twins... Hope your night was fun, and thanks, you voice is just or prettier than someone elses :)

  9. cool girlie! LOL so Hubby got a last minute present :) mine does that too always shops on my actual b-day LOL

  10. Happy belated Birthday, you awesome girly!!!

    I would love to have that closet organizer! I am really jealous that you had a pedicure!!! My feet look like they belong on a ninety year old woman right now!!!

    Hope your birthday was fabulous!!


  11. Happy Birthday girl --sounds like you had a great one.

  12. happy birthday you poor over worked under appreciated woman! Love you though you are a wimp :P pull on your big girl panties and tell rick-o you are heading out on THIS day and the kids will be his whether he is sleeping or just getting off work. You will love yourself for this and your kids will seem more precious to you I promise even rick-o will notice how much more relaxed you are.

  13. Glad you had a good one! I am going to have to get a pedicure. I won a spa package for over $200 and I haven't even made an appt yet.
    Nice presents you received, too.

  14. Wow, that's more then I ever get on my birthday..........So cool!
    Love the little red pills...I mean

    You deserve it darling.......

  15. Happy Birthday from a follower!!


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