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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun In the Sun Day 5 ~ Natural Bath and Body Review

Here we go, after you check out this amazing product here make sure you go over and check out Misadventures in Baby Raising and her amazing giveaways and reviews too!

Wow this has been a wild week and I'm in some need of pampering! Yes and I have found the perfect place to start my pampering! Natural Bath & Body Shop has the most incredible line of lushes goods, check them out for Loofah, Sea Sponges, Organic Soaps ... and so much more!

Natural Bath & Body Shop were so nice and sent me 3 amazing products to try out. I felt like a queen. I actually locked myself in the bathroom, that last a total of 7 minutes (yes I counted) before the turds I call children broke threw the door ... hmmmm I'm thinking they had help from the man formally known as my husband (currently I'm calling him other names).

Back to the wonderful products I had the pleasure of trying out! My first wonderful one was this amazing Loofah Back Brush (currently 15% off). The Loofah Back Brush is perfect for reaching those hard to reach backs and the best part it doesn't feel like you've scrubbing with concrete. Don't you hate those old ones in the past they are hard and don't feel so great scrubbing your back. Trust me Natural Bath & Body Shop Loofah Back Brush is divine, even with 2 kids pounding on the shower curtain you can loose yourself :).

The second product I got to try out was these wonderful South Pacific Silk Sponge - 3-Pack. Let me just say these sponges are wonderful to apply your make up. No more funny patterns that your fingers or a cheap drug store sponge will do to your face. Let me say these are a winner! Here's a little more about these sponges:

Silk sponges from the South Pacific. Soft, smooth, but not as durable as the other silks. Reasonably priced for quantity purchases. South Pacific silks come in three pack of 2" sized sponges.

Most Sea Sponges are harvested from Florida's Gulf Coast by our local Tarpon Springs Spongers. We also import unique sponge varieties from the Bahamas, the Mediterranean Sea and South Pacific Ocean. We proudly offer the largest collection of sustainably harvested natural sea sponges available online.

My third product I think was my favorite! Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera that made my face squeaky clean (see ending picture below). It was so silky and believe me a little goes a long way. It suds up and felt so good on my face. Even when I washed it off I didn't feel that nasty film, it was clean and I was ready for bed no make-up left to weigh me down.

A little about the

Gel cleanser designed to remove make-up and impurities. Enriched with aloe vera, helps your skin gain the moisture balance it deserves, after an exhausting day.
As you know this crazy working mom can use all the balance she can get!

Natural Bath & Body Shop is a wonderful shop you must check out for items such as Loofah, Sea Sponges, Organic Soaps .... Plus you have to check out About Us page where you can see an very cool video on how they harvest Sea Sponges. They even have photos of step by step of the process. Check out this amazing company that is a slice of Greece.

Thank you again Natural Bath & Body Shop I truly love the products and know everyone will too.


  1. Hey poser, I so loved this review. The best part was you. Thanks for showing a sweet face.

    I never found out what my husband did clean. I think the kitchen.

    I will do a post on a maxi dress just for you very soon.

    Happy Sunday....

  2. Look at you all scrubbed up and clean!

  3. Nice :) love your review!!!


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