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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Yet Anoter Sick one ...

UGH ... When will I be well again? Well I broke down and went to the doctor, I know close your mouth! But then the reason I hate going to the doctors, mine was of course not available they squeezed me in. Great of course traffic sucked and go figure 10 minutes late, hey no whoopee they make me wait like 1/2 hour ever time right? Of course not today she's on time so guess what I now have to wait, yup don't you just love that turn around? An hour late I get taken back to go to the dreaded scale. Really I'm sick do you think that is torture enough? Nope hop on, so I do the whole look the other way thing. You know because if I don't look at the number then it won't be true right? Then I go back to the lovely little room, mind you Caden in toe (who also is not feeling good). The whole time thinking ahhh it can't be that bad right? Then the nurse starts entering in all those numbers and usually I look the other way today since I was in need for more pain right now. I looked and almost fell off my chair Holy Crap, I REALLY need to loose some weight. So there it is girls I've said it and NOW I have to do it, I'm going to do it. Yes I need to keep saying that until my elbow and mouth disease stop, you know that one every time my elbow bend my mouth opens ... LOL
Back to my lovely doc replacement, who was a lovely Russian Woman that had a very thick accent and I probably looked def also since I was leaning in trying to hear the words so I could understand her. Poor thing I think was new because she kept telling me what the book says for colds! So rounds and rounds we go for moxicylen if it would be ok to give it to me or if I need to wait another week like "the book" says. Finally she agrees to give me some and then ask about what spray I'm using. I say Afrin and you should have seen her face, like I slapped her! I guess Afrin is bad it can be addicting! So guess what she wants me to take yup a steroid for my noise ... LOL.
So after all that and Caden feeling sick you think she would look at him too. Nope that would be another copay and a different visit ... UGH! Whatever! Off to the pharmacy I go and another 30 minute wait, oh my life! So I walk around Target to spend more money I didn't need and a runny nose mom and toddler bumping up and down the isles wasting another 30 hour of my life. Finally it's time I go to pick up my prescriptions, 1st one rings up $4 alright I can deal with that and then the kicker $40 for the next one. Poor guy behind the corner never saw what hit him, I was like WTF ... well I didn't swear but I was very shocked. Of course this stupid steroid has no generic! So $40 and here I am ... no wonder you get addicted you want to use every last drop for that cost ... just playing but still $40 for 17 squirts? And 17 squirts? What is up with that when you're suppose to spray 2 per nostril? Yup if this sick brain can't wrap it's mind around that one!
So it was a sick weekend, got a call from Cole's school Friday to pick him up with a 102.2 temp. Had to leave early since Rick of course couldn't. Mind you I left early Wednesday because of being sick, had Thursday schedule off for the field trip and now leave early on Friday. Yup boss not happy, I just can't win. Then Saturday besides working both jobs, we went to the lake to enjoy hopefully some sun and water and it was just too hot. Caden started puking everywhere, I pick him up and oh yeah puke down my back too! Sunday I couldn't move off the couch, no craft day :(. And Monday my usual day off but working for the other job I couldn't even move then either! I couldn't even get enough strength to check emails!
So there it is a poop and sick Alexis ... UGH! Sorry I haven't been commenting this week, I'm hoping to be back in full swing soon. If not Saturday watch out I'll be on all of your sites! Sorry again, miss reading all your fun sites!


  1. You poor thing I know how you feel when the kids were growing up I believe we spent half our life just getting them all better

  2. Awww, I hope you feel better soon. It sucks enough to be sick yourself, but trying to take care of a sick one on top of that really sucks. And the men, well they may as well not even be there, they are no help! LOL!

  3. I'm so sorry that you've been so sick! I hope you are feeling better today. I hope Cole is feeling better too. No fun!

  4. UGH.. I hate going to the doctor too... all the waiting & money... & prescriptions!!! Hopefully the $40 will be like the best medicine you've EVER TAKEN!!! & be totally worth it!!!

  5. Oh are having a rough time of it!!! Bug hugs!!!!

    Hoping you are all on the mend very soon.

  6. I hope you feel better. Or are feeling better. It makes me sad to know my poser is sick.

  7. We need to put a 'sick free zone' curse around your yard! No germs allowed! You could lay at one end of the couch while I hobble after the boys, lol, and I even cook while injured!

  8. yeeeez.... hope you get to feeling better dear!

  9. Hope everyone feels better soon. No fun being sick and having to take care of sick kids.

  10. Poor thing! I hope you and Caden feel better real soon!

  11. Poor thing~ That's terrible :( Being sick and having to care for a sick child on top of it, I can't imagine. Here's to hoping you feel better soon!

  12. OH no! Get better girl! That is so sucky :( Hope you guys feel better fast.


  13. Hope you get to feeling better and your little one to! That sucks to be sick and have one sick -- but I'm sure you know that.

  14. Oh you poor sick thing.

    You need to put your foot down and tell Rick that you are LOCKING yourself in your bedroom, and just sleep, and take hot baths, and watch tv and TAKE CARE OF YOU! If you don' can you expect to take care of everyone else! It is Alexis Time!!!!!

    Hang in there honey!

  15. Sorry to hear that.......I really hope you're feeling better soon! Totally no fun!
    But, please email me your address.........I promise it's worth it!...........

  16. I hope you are feeling better!


  17. Hi Alexis, I am happy to be here again in your blog.
    Have a happy Wednesday! :)

  18. Hope you feel better :)

  19. Aw, I'm so sorry! It was only a matter of time before it got you though... Can't stay healthy with no sleep girl!! Poor Cole and Caden too! Are they feeling any better?
    Get better soon!! Sending good healthy vibes your way!

  20. Mommies are not allowed to be sick ya know.
    I hope you feel better SOON!!!!

  21. I have a tag for you :)

  22. I am so sorry you all have been sick. It is a lousy time of year for sickness!


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