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Thursday, June 18, 2009

So how was your birthday?

So I've been asked a lot so how was your birthday did the boys help you and did you have a relaxing day? Must not be the people that really know me asking these questions ... LOL. So a little trip into my day when I got home. You know how my day went at work lots of presents and just a great day. Then I get home .... I asked the lady that cleans for me to come over Tuesday instead of Monday so hey I could have a clean house on my birthday. Well she got there at 6pm, I pay for 2 hours so 8pm right? A little before 7:30pm she's standing in my living room, I'm like how did she clean 4 rooms in an hour and a half? Come on bathroom, kitchen, dinning room and living room. That is a lot of room and hello I want my 2 hours worth, I scrap together so I can get some help each week and darn it I think I deserve it! So I ask her can you vacuum the boys room and the guest room, done in 5 minutes!!! Ok can you clean the windows and the french door windows. She does the doors and is like ok .. hello the other windows? It was like pulling teeth to get the last 40 minutes!! I even asked for help hanging a curtain rod, which she actually huffed at me! so I finally said ok fine go ... and I even gave her some dinner to take home! Come on how nice is that!

So here's a little preview into my birthday night!

Cole actually being good and coloring!
Oh look Caden drew on the wall and floor while I was making dinner!
Yup that is red pen, oh but at least he colors the page too!
Then this wall too!
I guess I should be happy it was pencil!
There were 2 other walls and a door, but I was in tears and gave up!
After she vacuumed I went into the boys room!
Look what I found under the BED!
Come on how hard is it to vacuum?
And yes that would be a rotten apple
Under the other bed. (I took pic outside)
Come on ... really why am I paying you?
Then I make it to the kitchen
Move a few canisters and this is what I find!!!
WTH??? Did you even clean at all?
At least this smiling face greeted me.
But yes that was my clean bathtub!
Close up of bubble boy!
Don't ask what is on the mat next to him!
And finally peace and quiet!
Isn't that cute he cuddled with the pillow!
Yup that is the name pillow I made!!

Yup that was my birthday, I made dinner, did the dishes, cleaned up, did laundry and played maid. Don't you just love it!


  1. life of a mom, daughter recently celebrated birthday in same manner

  2. Oh my I am so sorry. I did not wish you a happy Birthday. So happy Birthday with gross apples, and maybe not so clean house. I would have done much better.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. good grief... that cleaning lady, she is pissing me of for your sake! i think you should find another... maybe!!

  4. What the heck???? Apparently not moving things is the key to this cleaning lady...

    How long was that apple there??? The things these boys put under their bed is hilarious!!

  5. IT's sad when a mom can't even get a break for her birthday, that should be LAW!!

    As for the cleaning lady, she needs to be kicked to the curb!

  6. Sorry girlie Hugs, now you see why I ran of to my parents house before my b-day to relax LOL

  7. Yep, sounds like the birthday I had. We should go out for a drink.

  8. As goes every other day in the life of a mother. Hope it was good nonetheless! :D

  9. Wait a second, I thought mom's were supposed to get a break on their birthdays!

  10. Sounds like a typical "Mom" birthday, don't you just love it!

  11. I would can that cleaning lady, why bother if you have to go over it all!
    Sounds like the way my birthday's usually go. Wish I was young again and everyone thought I was as special as I was when I was 10.

  12. Time to fire the house cleaner and get a new one!! I'd show her those pics at least... That's completely unacceptable!!

  13. You totally need to go Donald Trump on that woman and fire her.
    I do hope you had a good birthday.

  14. You need to find a new cleaning lady! Geez! You work 3 jobs, and to pay her to help you out, you at least should be getting help!!!!

    There is no way a cleaning lady could get anything clean here in an 1 hour and a half!! lol!


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