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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ A bitter sweet good-bye

Well what a weekend we had, our exchange student's dad showed up from Korea to take him home. A bitter sweet good-bye that was, for those who have been with me for a while know all about the troubles that I had with respect and just obeying. Of course the boys just loved him so I know they are a little sad. While cleaning up his room and you know folding all his clothing since he did none of this. I found some fun things .. like a wall full of boogers! Yes on the side of his bed was a wall of boogers (yes I've enclosed a picture). Then while emptying out the dressers I found on my antique (passed down amazing dresser) he had carved his NAME! Yes not only had he carved his name but the numbers 123! Who knows why he felt the need to deface my super expensive and irreplaceable dresser! Thankfully he was staying with his dad when I found this, because it would not have been a pretty site!

Saturday my exchange student and his father came over to pick up his things and go to a BBQ we had planned at my friends waterfront. We were going to have it at my parents waterfront but they are now re-landscaping the whole thing! So yup that means no party there! A big thanks to my girlfriend she was so sweet and invited more friends and kids our exchange students age. Even with the rain we had a great time the kids went in the boat and even jumped in a few times. The adults had some beers and sat by the bon fire, all and all it was a great time had by all. Caden even had a good time with one of the gals boyfriends, I thought Caden would want nothing to do with him. He's a ex-marine and covered in Tattoos head to toe (even the neck) super nice couple I really enjoyed them but you know how Caden is around anybody but me. I've put some cute pictures of the two of them, see kids know who's good and bad. Now the car ride home was oh so fun, see Rick took them there I took them home. Rick said our ES dad talked the whole time, but with me driving I got maybe 10 words! Guess I now know why our ES rarely spoke to me. Oh well they ran out of here like their pants were on fire, I guess that is farewell. Now crack me open a bottle of wine, I think I deserve it after the longest 10 months of my life. I think I rather be pregnant again then have that child live with me again, those of you who know me know how bad my pregnancy was and why we stopped at 2!

Sunday I even got to sleep in until 9am! I know I was shocked too, I guess when you work until 2am getting 7 hours of sleep is a good thing right? LOL So of course my dear hubs wanted to sleep in and couldn't help out with the kids. Some days he kills me, he did turn over and tell me that he thinks we should have an ES the next because it's too much work! Really what work did you have to do? I'm the one that took him to school and picked him up every day, made his breakfast and dinners etc and oh yeah did his laundry. Oh wait you helped do his school project that took you 2 days of your time. Yup too much work! Some days you kill me, then he says oh I mean too much work for you, yeah right that's what you meant!

After that lovely discussion I got the kids ready and headed out, if I'm not going to get any help I'm going out so I don't pull out the rest of my hair! What short styles are in right? I can cover up that bald spot easily? So we venture over to my girlfriend Rachael's house for craft day! I'm bound and determined to finish up Caden's pillow! While I finished up my 2nd pillow, Racheal and Cole made a snake for him. I'm telling you this girl is too smart, she just drew it out and then it was ready to cut out! She has the patience of a saint and even showed Cole how to work the sewing machine (I know he's my own child and I would have killed him ... LOL). She of course whipped out 2 snakes to my one pillow. Oh yeah my pillow I sewed the fabric on onside inside out ... UGH, she had to take the seam ripper to it and then since I was spent sewed it back together for me the right way. I saved the stuffing for Monday night, what a girl only has so much steam in here!

Monday I worked and oh yeah went to my annual appointment, get this I was 5 minutes early! What I took proof for those who didn't believe me!!! Oh joy a lovely apt where a foreign bodies are put in you that oh so comfortable and joy a breast examination also! Yes I know these things are good, that is why I go each year! Nothing says I'm going to love it! Or having my weight taken again, really I was just here a week ago can't you just use that? Oh thanks, I love stepping onto that huge scale and feeling like a contestant on The Biggest Loser! And just to make my life oh so much better so told me that she's had this cold for 6 weeks and it can run for about 8 weeks! Oh joy you really know how to give a girl a good time! Back to work I went, love me some data entry. Now only if I could find a job that I did data entry every day from home! That would rock! Especially since today was a secret squirrel meeting that made me super uneasy! I miss having one of my bosses daughters working there, she always had the inside track and would tell me what was going on. I tried asking the person that was in the meeting with my boss, but got nothing. UGH .... Just give me a heads up if I'm going to get laid off please, I hate surprises and I really would like to know if I have to look for a new job! Yup on the edge of my seat. I'll keep you all updated!

Well I'm out of here, oh yeah I forgot to mention I got my hair done too! Yup back to blond ambition tour, here I come! I've added a few fun shots, one of my crazy updo wantabe ... LOL. Loving the new hair, so I guess I'll hang onto that for now :)

Oh wait Caden has some new words, before it was just mommy or daddy:

Pepe - and points to the area (Oh yeah Rick's favorite)
No (Oh I thought we would wait on this one)
I don't know (oh yeah our ES favorite saying to say to me)
Mine (oh yeah everything is his ... UGH)
Moo (for Milk)

Ok now I'm out of here :)


  1. love, love your hair... your hair always looks so pretty and healthy to me! and though im sure it was nice for your kids to have the exchange student there and learn about different cultures... for your sake- i'm glad he's home! now you can relax a tad more with one less person to care for!

  2. Oh my word... what an appropriate way for your students leaving - a wall of boogers! (I think I'm going to puke!) And your dresser - I want to cry for that! I'm just glad, for your sake, that his time is over... .I'm sure you have learned good & bad from the experience!

    I too get on the scale thinking that I'm on the Biggest Loser... sad part, I'm not dropping big numbers every time I get on there though!

  3. What nerve of him to deface your property. So tell me, would yo do it again????

  4. Dude. I almost puked. That is beyond disgusting. Glad you are free of that one. I guess we know where he got his attitude towards women.
    Had a lot of fun making the snakes...Made two more on Monday and can't wait to make more...

  5. Ha! I love that he says moo for milk, that's darling!

    I didn't know you had a foreign exchange student living with you! And that booger wall? Ewwwwwwww!

  6. OK that wall is yucky but I know you know that, and I'm glad the kid is out of there and home and you don't have to deal with him. To be honest I don't know hoe you did it really...sorry about the dresser!

    Love all pictures ;)

  7. I am so happy to be back in Blogland! I really missed you!

    Whew! I don't know how in the world you do it, sister!

    I love your hair! (of course, I am horribly jealous especially since my hair is a nightmare right now! lol!)

    Looking forward to stalking you like a crazy person!! mwooohhahhahaaa!

  8. OH my goodness.. your posts stress me out!! LOL!

  9. Ok so I was eating when I read about your poor wall and i'm fairly sure i'm going to blow chunks! ... SO I wont talk about it anymore but OMG your poor antique dresser. I would have kicked his sorry little hiney... but on the up side your hair always looks fabulous!!

  10. Cheers!
    You so totally deserve a really BIG glass of wine.

  11. The hair is adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE that snake! And woo hoo, celebration... Roy is GONE!! It'll be interesting to see how smoothly things go now, and how your sanity is without him there too!
    Happy for you!!


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