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Friday, June 12, 2009

Round Robin - No more please ... My cup is flowing down my leg!

Today is Round Robin Day over at Amy @ Keeping up with the Schultz Family, I had a Meme all prepared to go. But I interrupt that for the I'm crying UNCLE of all days can we please stop! LOL Yes I know drama queen, but really who the heck did I peeve off in a previous life? I mean really don't I run around crazy enough and try to please everyone?

Ok BREATH and tell everyone whats going! Yes I have to talk to myself every once in awhile! Deal with it ... oh sorry was that harsh ... LOL.

So you all know about the foreign exchange student, the wall of boogers and the craved named into the antique bedroom set. I thought ok that's enough for now right? NOPE. Let me just fill you in on what has happened, now this has all happened to Rick (DH) but it still effects me. One I have to hear him whine and complain and two take me time to find the repairs since hello I do it all right? That and if I left it up to him we would be paying the most expensive person because DH would only make one call and say oh they were the cheapest ... yeah right!

So on his way home from Oregon (that lovely trip for work) he's driving on I-5 mind you busy traffic at 10pm ... who knows why! Car behind him so when something all of a sudden leaps over the barrier and into his lane he can't slam on his breaks. He hears a yelp and then something flies over his car! He pulls over you think the person behind him who hits the same thing would pull over ... NO! So he call 911 and the cops come out, he calls me too ... I'm thinking oh great the cop will come and you'll get a ticket on top of this. Well come to find out 2 pit bulls some how got loose and jumped into the freeway. Sad to say both didn't make it, Rick tried to block so others would hit but it was late and dark and of course no one stops anyways! Yup the bottom bumper on his car is toast, of course it's like $1,500 to get a new one (not painted of course) but we do have insurance but that's a $500 deductible. I told him you can drive it! I know I'm so mean!

So last night I'm working out ways to come up with $500 like plant a money tree. I get a call from Rick AGAIN. His buddy and him went to his work to pick up a check and probably some ice cream those boys eat a lot of it! So he runs into his home store not in there more 10 minutes comes out and yup you guessed it his passenger side window was smashed! They broke in stole his buddies face to his radio (yup left it on the floor probably what caught their attention) and Rick's GPS thing. I guess the person broke into the car next to them too! Oh yeah another $500 deductible and this one I can't put off.

So of course this AM I call every auto glass place in town and the next town over. Yes 15 of them! Found two that where way cheap but of course couldn't do until Monday, an Rick just couldn't go until them! WHATEVER! But thankfully for $40 more we could get one today. So here I am $240 (+ tax) out of pocket so some dipwad could have a face plant to a radio that you can't use unless you have the other part ... dork !! and a GPS with out it's charger! Thanks you JA that had to break my window so I could have another FEE go out the door. I know you don't care that the money I used was for my childs 1st payment of Kindergarten. But a big thank you, since now I'll have to find money to replace it! Oh yeah and what do you get, probably not even a slap on the wrist since you've probably done this multiple times and never been caught. Or if you have been caught the judge gave you a slap or a night in jail where you had TV and a free meal. Did I pay for that too? Sorry a little cynical today :). Ok back to happy Alexis tomorrow, I'm still chewing over the money!
But as Jana at work pointed out I'm having a good hair day :). Muah thanks for making me smile. Plus check out my new shirt, got to love Target clearance $9!


  1. That is so crazy. I am so sorry to hear all of that. I hope things get better. Thanks for playing along. Do not forget to link up to Mr. Linky.

  2. Dang girl!!! At least you LOOK good!!!! :) love that sweater!!!

  3. OMG I would have to plant 5 money trees -- there is not way I could come up with that.

    So sorry hope it all works out -- Love your hair it is so cute.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  4. So sorry for your trouble, that sucks, but your hair is really cute and so is the top!

  5. For the love of Fuck! Can't you get a break? Hope some money lands on your doorstep. Maybe the government could bail YOU out.

  6. Oh Man! I am sorry to hear about all of this! I am sending some love your way, and a great big hug...and you can talk to your self all you want, it is part of being Gemini...we vent!

    Happy Birthday!!! Yes everyone her birthday is in four days, so send her some birthday love...

  7. Oh my dear............why............???......
    But yes, that's a fabulous hair day and shirt.....

    Too much for you to deal with! Keep you head up....or maybe you should be ready to duck!

  8. What a mess! I feel for you. On the other hand, that shirt is too cute:)

  9. You poor thing! This really sucks. I know we should not hate anyone, but I HATE thieves! Pieces of crap need to be exciled to their own island and they can pillage each other and leave us hard working folks alone!

    BTW - your hair is rocking!

  10. Been trying to leave a comment since yesterday ugh...blogger doesn't like me LOL

    Sorry girlie hope things get better, and I must say I love that shirt too cute!

    And Happy B-day well soon LOL I'm sure you'll have an awesome party post for us ;)

  11. WOw! That really sucks. I such a defensive driver for that very reason.

    You look so hot girly, love the look, very cute :)

  12. WOW! Holy canolli, when it rains it pours right?! But I love the shirt, very cute!

  13. You have got to be kidding!! I am so sorry!
    Yes, it's a shame this sort of thing happens so often, and probably only 10% are actually caught and/or punished. My mom's house was broken into, cost her $500 to replace her back door, and they took sentimental stuff (my grandma's jewelry...grandma died from cancer in 2000). Cops said no prints, nothing they could do.
    Gotta love it.
    I hope this week will be better for you! HUGS!!!


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