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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sometimes it takes a Photo

Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference’s in ourselves but that is why we have camera’s.  It’s been a hard few month’s but I’ve been trying to be very good watching what I eat and exercising at least 4 times a week. As many of you know I’m down about 24 lbs and was getting a little discouraged that I haven’t had a larger loss.  You know sometimes you just want to throw in the towel.  You’ve done it before and can it be done again?  You want to feel good for other’s and their loss but then you get yourself in a funk.  No more funks or tears it will be a slow process but it’s all worth it, I may not be swimsuit ready this summer but next year it will be and I know I’ve done it the right way for me and the way I know it will be off for a lifetime and not just a small window like past.  This time history will NOT repeat itself.

I was going threw pictures this weekend to print for my dad for Father’s Day and I found the Disney pictures.  LOL wearing the same shirt I was wearing this weekend and took a look at the pictures.  Of course it isn’t in the same pose so it’s not exact but it did give me the boost I needed.  Even if I don’t get the atta girl from my biggest critics I can see the difference and will keep at it!

March 2012

June 2012


Back to grind and feeling good about myself!  I’ll have my birthday and father’s day post up tomorrow!  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


  1. You have to be doing this for YOU and not for anyone else. To hell with anyone not encouraging you or seeing that you are working hard. And it is not the number of pounds on the scale but the way you feel and how healthy you are. Remember that.

  2. You are doing a remarkable job and I am proud of you. You look beautiful in your photos. My mom always said "Beauty is as beauty does." And I say you do beauty very well. such a good mom and homemaker.

  3. love the hair!

    You may not see progress but it's happening :)

  4. CONGRATS! That's so great! Keep it up :)

  5. You can definitely see the difference. I know I have noticed a difference in my face and of course the way the clothes fit. I just want more faster!!!

  6. There is a difference, it is obvious to see. Well done, keep going, it is for you and no one else, so poff to what they say, just go with what you want

  7. You look awesome! Your hard work is clearly paying off!

  8. I think you look good either way, but your willpower and motivation will get you through the goals you want to accomplish.

  9. You're doing awesome!! I can totally see a difference in your face. :-)


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