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Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Do for Another Year Older

Well I’m back to blonde look!  Sorry about the crappy picture for some reason my iPhone doesn’t take the best close up pictures (yes I’m sure it’s the operator but let’s go with it).  I did have a nice time talking with my cousin.  It’s always nice to talk to someone who knows you and the members who play the roles in your world.

Thank you for my amazing friends who took the time to send me birthday cards.  You all are too sweet, I’m horrible with cards so forgive me that it takes everything I got to make sure to get Christmas Cards out.  Tonight my Tuesday dinner friend is so sweet and is having dinner for me.  It meant so much to me that she wanted to make sure I had a special day.  You got to love friends who do the little things that mean the world!

Yes it is true I will be 36 years old tomorrow!  This has been a crazy year for me personally.  I have thankfully been very blessed with a job that keeps me very busy and takes very good care of me!  Rick sadly lost his job but has been helping with the kids. I have been on a weight loss journey and of last week’s weight in down 23.8 lbs.  It has been a slow go but I can feel the difference in my clothes.  I try to go walking at least 4 or 5 times a week.  I wish I could say I’m dropping like 5 lbs a week but it’s a slow go of usually 1 to 2 lbs.  I may not be skinny girl by the end of summer but maybe next year … lol.  I have to keep it in my mind I’m doing this right and not to let the green little monster in me get jealous if I hear a story on FB of someone loosing 20 lbs a month … ugh.  Ok back down green monster … lol.  So there you have it a year of craziness but some clarity and needing to better me.  Here’s to another year ups and downs I’ll take them all as long as my weight is the down one … hehe!


  1. Have a wonderful birthday. The hair looks great and celebrate the joys and learn from the rest. That's all you can do.

  2. You look beautiful!! The new hair do really suits you.

    I didn't realize you are having a birthday or I would have sent you a card. I hope it is a wonderful day for you!

  3. Ok Alexis, stop lying about your don't look a day over 29. Have a Great Birthday!
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Your hair looks adorable. Hope you have a fun birthday tomorrow. As much as we want the weight off overnight we didn't put it on overnight. Slow is really the best way for your body, it will stay off that way. Keep going, you can do it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  5. I love the hair!!! You look soooo very cute!
    I hope you have a wonderful, very happy birthday!!! Enjoy girl!! Lov ya!


  6. I LOVE this. I wish I could wear short hair! My hair is insane long and if i don't have it cut this week I'm totally just putting it in a ponytail and snipping it off!!

  7. Happy birthday to you, hope the weekend treats you well. Slow weight lose is the best, it works, mine is long and slow, I too wish to loose 5lbs a week but like you it is only 1-2lb, but it is having an effect and it is working so am not complaining. I am however still enjoying those little treats when I want them and if I stopped those I am sure I would loose more but I still want to live and enjoy myself.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a good one! Your hair looks great!!! :-)

  9. I like the new 'do. Happy belated birthday!


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