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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For my SANITY can I budget Summer Camp?

You know when I was young I always wanted to go to camp to have that fun summer experience but I never did get to go.  This year I found out that our church Life Center is offer a Kidworks summer camp called Lifted for Grades 3 to 6.  It would be a FULL week over night and all!  I’m so excited, I mean Cole should be so excited to have a big boy experience.  It’s not too far from the house and they have a full packet week of activities for the kids.  I think it would be such a learning and great experience to last a life time.  Now to figure out how to pay for it! I mean you think of it $250 for a whole week is really not that bad BUT with only me working a full time job can I swing it.

THEN I think of the peace and quiet I would get and that they may not have to lock me in a padded room by the end of this summer.  Payment is due here next week, I think I’ll have to work around some things maybe pay a few things in the grace period but oh I think I so have to do it.

Did any of you do summer camp?  What was your experience?


  1. Nope, never did one. Wow, what cool memories he will have. Good for you trying to find a way to make this happen for him. Your such an awesome Mom... woman... blogger chick... internet friend... (Oh, the list goes on)

  2. There was no such thing as summer camp when my kids were small. I do hope you can figure out a way to afford it.

  3. That sounds like one of those experiences that will be remembered. My two go to holiday programme here but mainly because we are both working and someone has to care for them. But they love going and have wonderful times. I would love for them to have a week long camp somewhere with over night it would be great for them (and us!)In the end I think if you can do it, then do as it will be good for all the family to have that break of some kind.

  4. Hope you get that all worked out. I think it will be perfect for him and for you!

  5. i never went to camp but my parents took me camping alot when i was a child.. so i never missed out on the exp. we dont go to church and even if we did they wouldnt offer it because they are running there church out of a room rented from a community center building.. go figure..


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