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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do They Like My Creation?

Sorry I’m a little MIA it’s been crazy with work and now with both boys home it’s a little nutty around here.

Ok so I have to confess when I post something on Pinterest I secretly keep checking to see how many people like it or pin it.  You post something you make and it’s like waiting to see if your picked for the cheerleading squad.  Most times I will at least get a few of each, so when I posted my Graduation Cake Pops I thought I’d be the hit of the town.  But sadly it was like trying out for the cheerleaders in High School I was left tired warn out and full of the fake smiles as they walked by me putting the black ball in the bowl.  YUP not one like or repin, so I thought I repin it a few days later to see what I would get.  Yup it was like what I felt like when I came home to say I didn’t make the cheerleading squad.  LOL

Ok I can’t be alone, right?  Ok come on fellow pinners you have to feel this right?  Oh man I feel like I hit the bad side of the lunch table again … hehe!

Sorry little guy you didn’t get the reviews I thought I would.

Graduation Cap Cake Pops


  1. I don't pay much attention to what happens on pinterest. I guess it's a factor of age. The older you get the less you care....

  2. Aww I just pinned for you but it is always hit or miss. Seems it just depends what people are looking for. I went and read the original post, they are fabulous!

  3. I never go to that site. I think you should have made cheerleader!! Cupcakes too! ;-)

  4. Your so funny. I never look to see who pins what I pinned. However one day a sign I posted went crazy and the emails were endless. If I don't pin something of yours it's most likely I didn't see it. I don't go to indiviual peoples boards just pinners I follow.

  5. I follow you on Pin but I don't go and see what is happening daily, more like monthly!! Sorry. Oh but on a happier won my give-away. I will send you an email soon with all the details and the post about it should go up on Saturday.

  6. I pinned it! Its a really cute idea.
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Not everything is going to win the contest but I am sorry this didnt. They were so cute.. Hope you find something else that does do the trick next time.


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