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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time to Tie Your OWN Shoes!!!

Pin It Ok NO judgement or comments .. but Cole will be going into the 3rd grade and still hasn't mastered the tie of the shoe thing!  There are only so many velcro shoes you can find in size 2!  And of course the DC shoes he wants of course are tie.  NOW it's not a lack of trying to teach him, but let's just say it isn't one of my finer mom moments when I try to show him how to do it. NOTE to self you will not be the one teaching driving, Lord only knows what will happen.  I can't throw a the car like a shoe ... oh WHAT you know you had those moments!

Of course on pinterest I found a great idea to make a Shoe Tie Practice Board, I know GENIUS!!  The cute site I found it on is Salsa Pie.  It is simple to make and easy to pick everything up, heck you may have it laying around the house!

Materials Needed:
box cutter (or heavy duty scissors)
screw driver

So I hit up the man cave to see what I could find.  You know where you will find cardboard laying around for the "some day I'm going to use it" pile and you'll even find a box cutter and if your lucky a screw driver.  I use my scissors, since I have a BAD habit of forgetting to put the screw drivers back I thought I would avoid that argument and use my scissor to make the holes!  I picked up some Skull shoe laces to make it fun for Cole and I was off like a herd of turtles (anyone else think that is the craziest saying but we always say it).

Step 1
Cut out a square of cardboard and lay down your shoes. Trace the first shoe loosely (be careful not to get marker on the shoe)

Step 2
Trace the 2nd shoe
Step 3
Make a straight line for the toe design at the top of each shoe. Draw ten dots on each shoe for the lace holes
Step 4

Lay cardboard on top of thick carpeting and puncture holes with the screwdriver. Spin the screwdriver around to form the holes (or in my case the scissors). 
Step 5
Thread laces through the holes and then let your child learn to tie.

Yup she did an amazing job of laying it all out and it was so simple to follow, you most stop over to her site (click the link above) and thank her for this amazing idea!  

We all can be super mom's ... with a little super glue and maybe some duct tape but heck it can happen!

Have a FAB day!


  1. Shoe tying is so difficult! I love this little project

  2. What a wonderful idea. Way to go mom!

  3. There you go...I could never do it from the front. My nieces and nephews would always laugh at me. I had to tie them from behind them. I could only tie shoes one way. heh

  4. CUTE!!! Great idea! I am sooo the shoe throwing kind of teacher. We mastered potty training after I told him I was done changing his diapers and he would have to learn how to do them himself.

  5. Think I need these for both my 2, now lets see where is the cardboard and screwdrivers??

  6. I always had a hard time teaching my kids to tie shoes, so I feel for ya. That's a pretty nifty way to teach children how to do it.


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