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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a day ... Why do I pack so much into one day?

Today started off GREAT, and if you believe that then well I don't have anything but you're sure gullible. So you remember how I said my computer was acting up? Well of course 6am comes around I try to log on, no problem until 25 minutes into my shift the whole computer freezes. Not only does it freeze it won't boot back up, I tried at least 6 times and nothing would work. Know the girls are really counting on me and I can't even log back on. I have a full out panic and call my dad's cell phone praying today will go my way and dad will answer. No luck I leave a message which I'm sure was hardly audible since I was in full panic between high pitch voice and tears. Yup I was a mess, I don't it had to do anything with those lovely 4 hours of sleep I got. Then my phones ring it's mom thank heavens she's up this early, she even went and woke Dad up. Well it turns out that I'm a dork! My dad put our old hard drive in and he told me this key was to turn it on to get the stuff off it. Well hear is the dork who turns OFF the new drive and doesn't even do anything to the old drive. So an 1/2 hour late I pull out the old drive turn back on the new drive and log back on. Guess what the show is over and I'm not needed any long for the morning. So I'm up it's now 7am and guess who's up too, Caden. So my luck that when it goes bad it goes bad. So I run around do some housework (where is the maid, oh wait that would be me). I get the boys bathed and in the car, I still need to pick up the gift for the shower. Since I was a dork and didn't go yesterday like I said I would, no I'll go the morning of the shower. I gave Rick a call with the items on her list thinking I could get them at his store this way I could get a more expensive gift, but with his discount it would be the lower amount. Well of course his store is getting ready for Christmas (I know it's September) and most of the kitchen items are put away. After a few calls he did find me a bread maker, which I know she'd love since she makes bread every Sunday. And it's a huge score regularly $180 and with his discount and the no sales tax it brought it down to $80 which is what I had left over. I even splurged and had it wrapped, well it was more because I didn't want to take all 3 boys shopping for wrapping paper and then have the pleasure of wrapping it with those 3 boys. Score, now all I have to do is go home and iron my clothes.

After a brief few minutes oh ok 45 minutes we're in the car and heading up to Tarra's house. She was so kind and said she'd watch Cole and Roy while I went to the shower of course with Caden who freaks if I leave him anywhere. We pull up just as Tarra and Heather are, I give my good-byes and hop in the car. Now I'm thinking ok this will be simple it's just in Seattle and that shouldn't take more then 40 minutes. RIGHT? I know stop rolling your eyes @@, I did it again thinking everything would go my way. After driving past Seattle and over the Ballard Locks I think I'm almost there which is Magnolia (I'm not in Kansas anymore). Those who know me know that me and a stick with the GIANT hills in Seattle is so not my friend. I'm sweating which is so not an attractive thing to do when you're about to go to a party. I'm so silly I only brought the directions (which didn't have the address), so I think there will be balloons no worries. Well no balloons, this is so not that type of party this reminded me of a VERY formal wedding. I get there, and try to unload the presents along with Caden. My 3rd trip to the house, which was Caden in a sun stroller, I'm greeted by a very nice lady who is VERY nicely dressed. Yikes Toto I'm so out of my league. I walk in this amazing house pushing my sun stroller, yup I was looking high class! The girls were so sweet, bringing me a nice plate of food. Now when I say nice I mean, hello it was CHINA with REAL silver fork and knife. Now the only time I break out the China is for Thanksgiving or Christmas, oh wait that's a lie my China is still in their boxes in the cabinet in the kitchen (well at least I think it is, I haven't looked since we moved in 5 year ago). So here's a picture I'm in nice slacks and a button down shirt trying to balance this CHINA on my lap while giving Caden little treats. I look down at my shoes, well at least there black nothing to write home about especially since I've entered the clinked clack world, you know the world that all woman were those pointy 6 inch heels that clicky clack every time the walk. Can I sink into this chair and melt out the door? It's not happening, I politely put my plate with the uneaten lamb Popsicle (hey I learned that on Food Network) since wasn't sure how I was going to eat it with out it going down my lap. I stroll me and Caden to the immaculate kitchen, where I meet the one lady that you know is not happy I brought my son. Now to Caden's created he didn't make a peep, well he laughed but no screaming we were so golden! Oh yeah I got the look like that lady in Trader Joes got the other day. Not only did I get it once by maybe 4 times I stopped counting after that. I politely stayed for her to open her gifts and headed to the door as quickly as could. I do want to thank a very sweet lady who told me she had a 9 month old, she brought me food and even talked to me the whole time. It was great since I think I forgot to mention that it was an almost all Greek shower. Remember in my "Big Fat Greek Wedding" were his dad says "It's all Greek to me" since the whole ceremony was in Greek. Well most of the lady's talked back in forth in Greek, I was so out of my league. Between suits that I swear were Armani, to Pointy Clicky shoes and Greek speaking I was so lost. I hoped in the car and got us on the road. Now don't get me wrong everyone was so sweet to me (minus one evil looker) but it was just more classy then I've ever been too. One good thing no stupid games!

I pull up to pick the boys up and find out the Cole not only had 1 but 2 mistakes in his pants. Yup add to the fun day I'm having, guess I'll be doing laundry yet again! I got everyone to bed and even took a little nap myself before getting on the computer to start job #2 again. I'm happy to note that the computer only froze up one time and was only extremely slow towards the end of the night. Hopefully I didn't peeve off the guy that I asked to call back since my computer completely crashed before I could finish his order! Cross your fingers tomorrow will be better!

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