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Monday, December 8, 2008

The words you never thought would come out of my mouth!

I can't eat another piece of birthday cake, yup the day has come I am officially overdosed with sugar! I never thought this day would come I LOVE birthday cake and get all giddy when it’s time to go to a party. Three days in a row of cake and think I need a break to let my fillings stop zinging. But darn it was yummy!

What a fun packed weekend! I must say even though I love just relaxing on the weekends it’s GREAT to be out of the house. I didn’t once hear “I’m Bored”, finally found something to make him happy.

Saturday after working my shift I got everyone ready and we headed out to the birthday party at the Jumpin Jack and Jill. Ok I’ve lived in the Sumner Area almost my whole life. I looked up the address before we left and I was so excited we were going to be early! I went to the cross street on the map and drove around the now boarded up grocery store. Where the heck is this place, after driving around and getting very pissy I call. Find out they are behind a restaurant. You’re where? That is just an alley. You got to be kidding me there is a place there? Ok, so we pull up and see a piece of paper on the door. If I hadn’t seen my cousin come out the door I may have locked the doors and gone home. It looked like an abandoned warehouse, but you step in and find a bunch of jumping houses! Hmm they have play nights for $6, might be something to check out. The boys had fun jumping and sliding, I even took Caden down one. Yup no pictures thank the lord, Caden would be crying and my shirt would have been up around my neck. Joy to the world I had the camera hidden.

You would think by the time we got home everyone would be warn out, but no they still were running. Thought I could get a little peace before we had to leave again, no such luck! We got back in the car and meet up with a lady from craigslist for the DS games, amazing deal! Cole’s stocking is now complete! I even picked up Roy’s’ stocking and the iron on for the front of it (what a pitiful selection they had this year).

My 2nd job is cutting back on hours since a low call volume so I start at midnight and go to 1:30am. Thankfully not too many cranks callers and a good amount of orders, better then the morning that I didn’t even schedule 1 appointment.

Sunday was another party day plus Santa. How come every Sunday I can sleep in but I don’t? I get to bed a little after 1:30am, the alarm went off at 6:30am for Rick to work the Seahawks game and I could go back to sleep but nope I was up. Then of course my two woke up and had to join me in my bed, after ½ hour of that I got up and started to clean and do things around the house. Then I thought I better check what time Santa is at the mall. Yikes in a 1 ½ hours, I better get us ready plus let Amy know. I am very excited to say we were only about 15 minutes after Santa arrived, not bad! I was talking Santa up hoping Caden won’t have a break down. Put him on his lap and ran away, first picture good, then we figured out where we were and a complete melt down. I picked him up and stood behind Santa. Not bad $38 later for a CD and we were set, yikes now I have to download to Costco to order Christmas cards only another $20. Talk about an expensive Christmas card experience, not to mention the stamps. I must stop before I hyperventilate again.

We ended our Sunday with Elijah’s party, the boys had a bunch of fun and more yummies to eat! Thank you Lauren for not putting Chocolate in the Pinata, since I took the candy and put on the top of the fridge for the boys to have a piece a day. If it was chocolate I’m not sure it would have still been there this morning, since you know it calls my name! I did remember why Now and Laters were not my favorite they stick to your teeth.

Just a few pictures to share:

This is the drop on lap and run move:
Full Blown Freak OUT!
I promise Santa I didn't pinch him!
(Well this time at least)

Ok I'm happy with mom here!


  1. Any chance you could email me? About the giveaway you entered this week?

    scribbit at

  2. Thanks again Scribbit. I love my shoes I won!


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