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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hootenanny Saturday Night (The Brothers Four ... Who are they?)

Well hello everyone, I'm switching from my myspace blog to blogger. If your one of my myspace fans you will know that this week I have been on a song title for each day of the week. Today I found this song title "Hootenanny Saturday Night", not sure exactly what that means but for some strange reason it seems to sum up my Saturday.

Hubby had to work early so the alarm went off at 6am, and as some of you know he's so not a morning person. So I of course had to stay awake to make sure he made it out of bed. Well there went my morning, once I'm up I'm up for the day. Caden also decided to get up at 6:30am, after feeding him there was no chance at sleep. So I decided to attempt the internet problem, you know the one that makes the internet not work at all. Then you have your husband grumbling in the background that it's just crap and a waste of money, yup that's the internet problem I'm talking about. So I give them a call and after pushing the correct buttons I'm put on perma ignore and some great elevator music. After 10 minutes of this (thanks to timers on the phone I know I'm not stretching the truth) I hang up thinking I'll call back and go thru another way it has to be fast right? Wrong! Of course the very nice man that barely spoke English told me my account was in good standing, no really you take it directly out of my account I would hope so. So he then of course can't help me so he transfer me to the tech department, I'm sure it's another very nice guy from India in the same room. Since I'm back on perma hold I sweep the floor, wishing I had a headset for the home phone. After that I move on to vacuuming the kitchen floors (that's where all that dried macaroni went) and then I move on to the cobwebs on the ceiling. Wow they had their own colony going up there, I was almost to into the cobwebs to hear the nice man come on the line. I was only on hold 26 min 32 sec (thanks again to the phone timer, after going thru the same questions the other guy asked me we get to the problem. Now I must ask why when they transfer you to another person do they need to ask all the same questions again, plus you entered it all when you first called. Ok back to the problem, my icon on the desktop no longer worked! You got to be kidding me, after I spend an 1/2 hour unhooking and making sure everything was hooked up right and then over 1/2 hour on hold (both calls) it's the stupid icon! Then of course he tells me my inside line is weak and I should have a tech come out, I don't think so since he wanted just a $120 to walk in my door. I'm really in the wrong career! So I'm happy to say I now back on the internet!

Phew can I go back to bed now? It's 9:30am and I'm already beat, but at this moment both boys are up and running full force. I'm seeing the day and I'm not liking what it's going to be like. Since I'm on a roll and the kitchen is clean why not make pancakes and eggs. After doing dishes again for the 3rd time today, I look at the clock and it's still only 10:30am! Get the boys in the bath and start a few loads of laundry. Thankfully blockbuster finally sent Definitely Maybe, which I've been waiting on for weeks. Get the boys and watch the movie, another let down I'm not sure what it is about movies these days but they just aren't double watchers. The last 30 minutes at least had a little something to keep me watching, darn I was so hopeful for this one. Since the post office was still open I pile the boys in the car to drop the movie off. I know I'm one of those crazy people that want to get my full use out of this movie in the mail thing, it drives Rick in sane!

The sun finally is out so I take the boys outside before I have to run away myself. I take my new book, fish crackers for the boys and outside we go. Wouldn't you know it that is when the clouds come out. This of course doesn't bother the boys so I grab a blanket and wrap up in my chair. I rather have them scream and run around outside and show my neighbors really I don't beat them, they really are just boys! Ok I think I torched the neighbors enough it's time to go inside, you want to take naps right? Yeah right mom, it's time to build a fort in the living room and run around. Maybe the phone will ring and I can talk to a grown up, by this time a telemarketer will do. No such luck, no phone and no emails it's just me on my own. Rick is working a double shift at his 2nd job so I better make the best of this.

Yeah I'll watch Monster House for the umpteenth time, no problem at all. Oh your hungry too, sure I guess I can make dinner. I think that bottle of wine may be calling my name tonight, just one glass ... the rose color of the wine might give me the rose color glasses! LOL

That's it for today gang, hope you enjoyed my crazy life. I'm going to post a few of my previous blogs just so you can really enjoy and hopefully have a good laugh. And if you so feel inclined to leave a message I would love to know the outside world is there and I'm really not living in "War of the Worlds" Ha-Ha.

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