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Thursday, October 29, 2009

House Happenings! Hold On House I'm calling a mexican stand off!

As you know this weekend I did a little dent on the laundry. So here is the list of done and to do!
Check out Value Village Finds - Yup I'm so loving thrift stores
Made a dent in the laundry
Got hair done and then tried to pull it out
Made Banana Pumpkin Bread and took a loaf over to the neighbor
(The neighbor said I love you, then got the look like I didn't say that out loud ... LOL darn we're both married ... haha just playing)
And the to do - The Box yup my office in a box
(wonder if I'm avoiding because then it will be for real ... ok Fraud step back)
Monday I made asked Rick to take Caden with him to Home Depot
It's Cold so we bundled (rick didn't like he didn't match)
And oh yeah the lunch of champions a banana, fruit snacks and a fudge brownie ...
don't worry he had a PB&J earlier ;)
And as promised our first project is done! Yeah For our Christmas gift last year my parents gave us Gift Cards for a new deck. Now my parents are funny they kept them until about a month ago to make sure we had the old one tore down and ready for the new one. They crack me up and drive me nuts but at least we finally got them. So Rick picked up the wood and actually completed all this on Wednesday! We kept the concrete pad and just built on top! Caden loved watching out the french doors.

And check it out yup it's time to share what is under the bed again!
If you're new you'll have to go back and search this, it's always fun!
You got to be kidding me!
  • Trains
  • Train track parts
  • A sock
  • Gum Wrappers!
  • Dirty Undies
  • Rice Crispy Treat
No they are not allowed to chew gum so that is from my private stash.

Undies we're still having problems with poor Cole, doc says it's a sleep disorder, he sleeps so hard that he doesn't get up to go potty. He then is embarrassed and hides his underwear!

And oh yeah you're wondering what the brown is! That would be rice crispy treat with chocolate topping! Not just One but TWO. Really dude you get that hungry at night! Crap my midnight snacking is rubbing off on him! Hey I don't hide the evidence, well at least not under the bed just in a pocket of my robe ;).
And for those wondering about my QFC Gift card and coupons! Ok the Top Right is the FREE itmes I got with some of the coupons (still more to use) and Bottom Right is what I bought after using my $25 gift card my total was $29. Yup I saved with my QFC Card, Free Coupons and the Gift Card $107!!! YIPPEE!!!! (yes that is 2 things of beef and 1 thing of chicken also!). And yes they had Wow Wow Wubbzy on Sale for $4.99 so I let Cole talk me into that one!
Well there is a bunch of randomness going on in my world of course in pictures because I know how hard it is to read all the words! I love to skim and view pictures :). Muah

But wait I can't leave you with out what came to for this title. Yup the mexican stand off is over ....
Yup it's over TP!!! For 8 years I somehow became the keeper and the guard of the TP. But NO MORE do you hear me I'm done and this is where it will sit. Of course you know I'm weak and will finally cave but for now I'm standing strong! There are 2 other of you that are currently capable of taking the old one off, yes it's even spring loaded!!!! All you have to do is with one hand gentle pull back, take the old throw in the trash (located directly below) and with that other hand that is jealous because it has nothing to do, grab a FRESH roll and put it on. Then that snazy spring load comes in handy again when you squeeze it back into place! And guess what it's done maybe 30 seconds, 60 TOPS!!!!

Now all say it with me! "If I'm the last to use the roll. Even if there is 2 SHEETS left it still needs to be replaced (really even Cole's rear needs more than 2 sheets)! I will open the cupboard to my right (yes this can be done while you're sitting on the toilet) and do these simple steps!"


  1. You are so funny! I solved the problem in my bathroom with the tp thing...I got a holder where you just slide the tp spring loaded holder because apparently that is too hard

  2. I'm glad you weren't successful in pulling your hair out, it's too pretty!

    Ok the rice krispie treats made me laugh!! Instead of that I'm constantly finding dog bones under my couch.

  3. I thought the Rice Crispy Treats were poop! I am the only one who replaces tp, paper towels, soap, andything actually.

  4. Girl, your wearing me out just reading all the stuff you do. Do you ever sleep? I hear you with the TP! It's so simple to do.

  5. Whew... thought we were gonna see YOUR undies under the bed!

    Ditto on the toilet paper thing. I just don't understand when people (hubs) leaves like 2 squares. I don't think its a compliment...he isn't subliminally saying "Honey I think you've got a small arse, so this is all you need...."

  6. My husband will put the new roll ON TOP of the roller.

    I mean really, He can't pop the blasted thing out and put the new roll on?

    Really?! In 28 years I think he may have done it once. I passed out.

  7. Good luck with the standoff Hon, but I have learned that they just don't care if they use it off of the dispener or not, as long as it's there they really won't mind.

  8. Good for you on the TP! I can't believe you built that deck yourself!

    Don't pull your cute hairdo out.

  9. I thought the rice crispy treats were poop too! I just did my daughters room and found rotting fruit...yummy.

  10. I wonder if the TP ordeal isn't just a universal thing. Whether I'm at home or at work, it seems I'm the only one capable of changing the darn roll.

  11. The trains look like my little boys room! I have the same bathroom TP standoff at my house. I always lose!!

  12. Ah the TP LOL I have to guard it here too LOL

    Don't touch your hair girlie it's too cute!

    Love the deck :)

  13. I love the photos of your kids, as always! And don't ever pull out your hair, you look too cute with it...
    So glad you got all that stuff done, including the deck... it looks great!
    I'm really lucky that my hubby changes the TP all the time, I happen to be the one who forgets 1/2 the time... oops!


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