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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sparklies, Duckies and Tipties ... What it had to Rhyme :)

So I have a new BBFF that would be be Blogger Best Friend Forever ... I know how highschool can I be! Oh let me go with it for now! So back to my part I - sparklies!

Daffy (I know her real name but you'll never get it out of me ... well maybe a glass of wine because I'm a lush like that). Ok back onto Daffy at BATCRAP CRAZY which is one of my favorite blogs to stalk, she is crazy funny just check out the name of her blog. So you know I've been crazy posting with funny pictures of myself and my crazy hair! Daffy saw my crazy hair and she saw a reflection of herself, I know isn't that just nuts :) ... LOL So since she's so special and you know we've been friends for a whopping 2 weeks she sent me a gift. I know if only all followers did this ... just playing I love you all your comments are my gifts (laying it on too thick? ... LOL).

So check out my sparklies, oh yeah I'm rocking this look. They had tons of colors but of course I went for the 2 pink ones! Plus Daffy likes to wear her's as necklaces so I thought I would rock mine the same way! Sorry it was a long day at work so the hair is flat and no makeup.
Caden had to get into the groove too, he of course went for the blue and the green. And some of you are asking what the heck is she wearing. Oh yeah I'm rocking the duckies! This is my duckies nightgown my mom bought me, yes I'm 33 and I'm wearing ducks! And I picked me up some Irish Cream, now I barely drink it's very rare but mom puts Irish Cream in my coffee when I go visit and I thought I would splurge and pick some up, yes I will probably last me a year but still it's something for me!
Tipties ... NO not from the Irish Cream ... LOL but things I saw on someones site about blogging and I thought were very helpful and I'd pass them along.

1. Add Pictures - It helps break up your post! Hmmm I think I have that one down ... LOL
2. Have your Email Address linked to your blog - I know I love this since I like to email back everyone that leaves a comment on my blog. I love when people email me back to (HINT).
3. Leave off the word verification - LOL I use to have it but it's just one more frustrating step so I took it off.
4. Make comments as a Pop up Window or Full Page - This one I LOVED ... I love commenting on all your blogs but the embedded below ones drive me nuts. Because Firefox won't let me comment on these ones, so I have to open up Internet Explorer which is SO SLOW and it then takes like 3 tries for the comment to go thru. I beg you all that have to change it pretty please ... LOL I know I ask so much but I love to comment and sometimes I just want to leave a quick comment and it takes forever so I have to do it later. Sorry gals I love you it and that is why sometimes it takes me a day to come by and comment :).

Just because I rock here is how you change it ... LOL Yes just a little controlling!

Go to Settings Tab in blogger, it's right next to Postings (the tab you're on when make a post). Once under the Setting Tab, Click on Comments, the third option down is Comment Form Placement, choose the first two options (Pop up Window or Full Page) just unclick that pesky embedded ... LOL. You know I love ya all even if you have the dreaded embedded ... ha-ha.

Yup now that I'm spreading my joy I'm leaving, ok maybe backing out just incase someone is mad at me and wants to club me from behind ... ha-ha


  1. Great headband! (Daffy is Da Bomb!)
    I like all your tips, too. It's funny how we figure these things out as we go. I had word verification on at first, also. I didn't realize what a pain it was until I started commenting on eleventy jillion blogs per day.

  2. **clapping bouncing up and down in my chair laughing out loud!****

    YIPPIE! They look great! A PERFECT compliment to the duck pj's! Way to rock 'em. I have flannel frog pj's!

    Thanks SO much for posting the pictures! You ROCK! I love that your little prince got in on the fun too! You totally turned my craptastic morning in to a good one! I'm headed out for a field trip (gawwd!) in an hour or so and I'll take this post with me! LOVE IT!

    Love the tips too! I'm thinking about contacting someone to help update my blog. I'd like to sexify it a bit - you know since a boob job is so expensive - like Tampons & Chocolate's lu luv it! Then I'll start adding pictures. I know that would help! Great tip!

  3. Oh! And peppermint tea came out my nose when I saw the one around your neck! You're so stinkn' funny!

  4. Thanks for the info on how to shange my pesky comment ways...LOL
    You look great with your new gifts, only you would put one around your neck......LOL
    Love the ducky PJ's!

  5. Love Love Love the pics! lol tooo funny!

    BTW.....I changed my comment ways!
    Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

  6. You and Caden both look adorable in those headbands! :-)

  7. Oh thank you thank you for spreading the word about embedded comments. That is my biggest pet peve because my computer blocks me from commenting on those blogs.

    Girl, you totally rock those headbands!

  8. Tell me, is your a pop-up window?
    I went and changed mine.

  9. You're too cute girlie :)

  10. I guess the poser is being replaced. Totally joking. I am glad you go those cute head bands and met a new BFF. They are the best to have. I jsut wanted to let you know my Round Robin is tomorrow if you have a giveaway or something you want to link up. Have a great day Poser.

  11. loving the pics!

    I love comments in pop ups too! I have firefox as well and if they are embedded it takes two times for it to go through, annoying!

  12. Cute headbands. Not going to happen here. Let's put aside that I have a large head to start but I also have a movie screen forehead so headbands are out for me but I do think they are cute!

  13. I completely love headbands. You are adorable!

    When I am putting in the word verification at a blog, I SO want to leave a comment and say PLEASE take this off. At least don't have word verification if you have comment moderation. Isn't that silly?

  14. Big applause for pop up...embedded commments drive me nuts and when I use Google Chrome or Mozilla, I can not leave any comments on those sites.

    Love your sassy headbands, Mama!

  15. Yes! I agree with those things too......well, and the duckies and

  16. You are just the most adorable person in the world!! I love the pics of you... and Caden takes after you!! He is such a cutie, I love his smile, it makes his whole face smile and then I can't help but smile - gotta love that boy!!
    I totally agree with ALL your tips, I have done every one of them - even before you said to - but would have done them if you told me to, because I trust you!!


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