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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Hair, Laundry, Party and just a little Screaming

I had a GREAT week at work and super busy, which is wonderful and I'm loving it! I love this because I have a little me time on Fridays. Which means time to get my hair done. I so missed my apt the week I got laid off, and my gal who usually is at least a month out was able to get me in! It was great to read a book, and I'm loving the new highlights!
Saturday it was back to work, put in a few hours and then time to get ready for a birthday party for a girl in Cole's class. So I decide oh I have plenty of time to tackle some of that laundry! Really what was I thinking! I think I made a dent, doesn't it look like it (see picture below). And for Daffy @ BATCRAP CRAZY here is my purse, I told you it was bigger than my head! Who needs a diaper bag when you have this baby. Guess what Rick actually picked it out all by himself for my Christmas gift last year! Then I realized what time it was, yes I was still in my PJ's oh crud I need to get the boys dressed and oh yeah me too!
We head over to the bowling alley for the party that had a really cute miniature golf course attached. I thought wow what a great idea for a party, so I asked! $20 per kid, heck we had like 20 kids last party ... quick math holy crap that would be like $400, no way! So of course my lovely husband wasn't feeling well so I had to take Caden with me. Oh so fun, well that was until he had a melt down towards the end. I even took him over to McD's while they had lunch with the party.

Ok some fun things I just have to say about the party. First off why is it woman must give other woman dirty looks! Crap I here with my kids so are you can we be friends for like an hour? Tried talking to the one dad (usually I totally can talk with them) nope he didn't want to have to deal with me. I swear I took a bath! Then I see this poor child and her hair was all ratted thinking oh lord I'm not the only one that forget to brush the hair. Then I see the mom, holly molly ratting overload! Well I guess it's a look right? sorry couldn't get a picture.

So at least Cole had fun loved the bowling and the miniature golf. Caden did ok at McD's and sadly I didn't make any new mom friends. But man I had some great comebacks for the last looks, only they stayed inside my head I was trying on the new no saying it out loud!
Then Saturday night the boys were so wound up and I was going nuts so why not go to the play-center at McD's. Cole was so excited he kept saying we're going to Old McDonalds? LOL didn't have the heart to correct him. The boys played for like 2 1/2 hours and read a book. Oh did I shamelessly say it's one of my current giveaways. Oh yeah I so would! You know you want to check it out, it's Tori Spellings Husband Dean's Ex Wife. Good and funny book!
Divorce Sucks Book Giveaway by 11/8/09
Sunday we had a great morning at Church, met up with my parents at Costco and picked up a few essential things! Even ran into an engineer from my old job, boy it's only been 3 weeks and I miss everyone! I did some cleaning of the boys room, yup it was one of those days again! But Rick and I did get the plans for what we're doing to the house. Just wait for some home improvement post! Now only if I could get Home Depot or Lowe's to let me do a review for them :).

I signed up for what? Oh yeah you know it! I told Cole's teacher I would put together there little workbook sheets. Holly molly you mean I have to tear out each page and group them! Oh boy well I made a dent I did 15 pages ... LOL And oh yeah check out what happens when you leave things were Caden can get them!


  1. Cute highlights! Love them. :) Yay for a "you" day!

    Yay on the laundry dent, lol! I still haven't made a dent in mine...and I think it's growing...

    So rude of those women at the party! You'd think if you're kids were all together having fun they would at least try to be nice. RUDE! I would be happy to come give them a Talking To if you want....any excuse to make the trip! ;)

    I'm excited to see your home improvement plans! Whooo! I'm working on having a home to improve, but in the meantime I'll just live vicariously through you, lol.

  2. I never understand how people afford those partys at those places! Ohmygosh! I much rather buy my kid an awesome gift!

  3. Okay! You win! Your purse is bigger than my diaper bag - fo real!

    Hair looks MAAAH-VALOUS! Love it! You are so cute with your little smile...and rockin' shirt.

    I don't get the mean mommy thing - guess that's why I don't have a lot of female friends. That and for some reason that filter between my brain and mouth doesn't work so well. Especially when I'm short on sleep. Stuff just slips right out and I find myself looking around asking, WHO SAID THAT? OH? ME? Okay....

  4. Love the new do! I need to do something with my hair too.

    Man I really don't know why parents can't be nice at parties. It's like come on people we are all here for one an hour or so be nice!

    Home Imporvement isn't that with Tim Allen......LOL

  5. Hey Poser sorry I have not had any pictures up lately of me. I will have some soon. I am so happy you are enjoying the new job. I see one sexy poser rocking the world with her new hair style. Love the purse. Boy you sure go to a lot of parties. That book looks like something my old dog would do. Thanks and have a great day...

  6. Oh my gosh I love love love your highlights! I say for the next bday party ALL parents need to stay home!

  7. Hey lady! Good to see you at Costco! Hope you are not taking those ladies to seriously - some people never make it out of high school maturity-wise.
    Have a good week!

  8. Your hair looks great. I don't get women either. You would think we would be nicer to each other, but I have met more mean women than I have met mean men.

  9. love your sassy new coiffure! And great photo montages too. SO cute.

  10. I got sidetracked at went over and entered that contest. Looks like a great weekend. Love the bag and your hair is adorable.

  11. You got your hairs did, girl!! It looks great!

  12. That reminds me...I need to call my hair girl!

    Dont you love all the mama drama?!

  13. Sounds like a super fun place for a party, but WAYYYY too overpriced! Crazy! Glad he had fun though! And yes, what is up with momma drama? LAME!
    Looking cute as usual, even in your pj's! =)

  14. So glad you got some me time......great hair!....i've never gotten highlights or any hair color of any kind....just my own hair and natural highlights.....

    Sounds like a fairly calm week....all things considered!
    Sure, a little lull in the storm of life, and you have taken on helping the teacher!.......way to go.....

  15. Women can be so mean but what was with everyone at that party? Your weekend was packed!

    Love the hair! And the bag!

  16. How can anybody not like you???? Maybe I'll take a picture of me being snooty and mail it to you. That way when they look at you like that you can just hold it up!

  17. Girl! do you ever not smile! You look beautiful, and I think my favorite thing about you is that huge smile-always there rain or shine! Looks like you had a busy weekend! MWUAAAAHHHHH! I hope you have another fantastic week with your new job!

  18. I agree with Frugal Vicki, it doesn't matter what you do to your hair (although it looks pretty), you always look gorgeous, because you have such a beautiful smile... along with your wonderful heart!!
    If those women are mean to you again, they are gonna have to deal with ME!! You just let me know, and I'll be after them. And what is this concept of not saying something outloud? Where's the fun in that, girlie??
    You are some super-mom doing all that for Cole's teacher. Just be careful you don't get "volunteered" to do everything because, "oh, she just works at home, she doesn't really work." I've seen it happen to other friends of mine, just watch out.
    {{{ Hugs }}} and have a great week!


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