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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Did I really clean all day Saturday?

Another fun weekend here at the house! We actually didn't go to far but it was very productive!

Friday Cole made his call to Monnie (my mom) asked if he could come up "you know if you want us to come visit". LOL ;) My parents had plans but said they would drop off a pizza! They showed up with pizza and cookie dough. Oh why do you do this to me? Of course we love to eat cookie dough, even if my mothers voice of worms in your tummy keeps ringing in my head ... LOL :).
Saturday I got up at 5:30am worked a good shift, it was a GREAT day and had a good time scheduling and just feeling good about it all! After I got done, Cole was at a neighbors house and Caden took a nap. So I got to cleaning! OMgosh really can it be this messy here? I miss my cleaner, oh fairy godmother come back to please ... LOL.

1st I started with the bathroom, who's brilliant idea was it to put glass shelves in there! And really do we need that much perfume/cologne? I mean one shelf for him and one for me, that is just nuts! My mom and Rick love to buy perfume, I'm like what I put deodorant on I'm good ... LOL :) 1 1/2 hours later and the floors are scrubbed and the tub etc!

2nd I start on my bedroom, holly molly I let the laundry go for too long! Yes that is a bench under all that ... at least it's all clean! Just folding is my hard part, hmmm I think I need an Alice :). Another 2 hours and the bedroom is clean. I was so pooped after that!
Sunday we went to church and had a nice time, yes I sat at the opposite of the ladies no pushy questions about bible study class this time :). I even got a little sparkly for the day, look at me go! The boys were goofing around in the kitchen while I was baking up a storm. Then it was time to hop on the phones to do some calls (don't you just love working from home). Aren't I cute in my apron ... LOL I just put the coffee cake in the oven when I to start so that is how I did the calls. You ever wonder what the people look like that take your calls, that it ... LOL ;). It was a good night, I was so happy with the number of people I scheduled ... rocking it!

Yes that is Cole asleep in Caden's crib ... LOL I heard Caden crying in there and found Cole had climbed in with him, Caden wasn't liking sharing his bubble! Look at Rick and Caden like they worked so hard! Isn't that cute they sleep the same!
And I end with the zit! Really is that have to be on my face ... :). A little stress, but don't worry the stress is gone, well almost gone I've come to a decision and I just know this new move is going to be the right one! I'm so excited to start on a new adventure in my life, more to come. I need to clean up some loose ends before I spill the beans :).

So I leave you with funny faces of me and my zit and a cartoon of me, yup something is so wrong with the color of that face huh? Ha-Ha!!! Have a wonderful day and more to come! I have another yummy recipe to come this week with a giveaway for the bread mix!!!! And I just got a really cool giveaway to put up this weekend for a $50 gift pack from You can Make This too!
Yes it's right there on my check in the bottom left picture. Come on I'm in my 30's NOT teens! Ok no comments about the hair I was going for sheek and straight bob, yup totally forgot to spray it with hairspray before I left the house ... LOL. I was testing the camera at work, there's an image to put in your head I'm sitting in my office taking photos of myself ... I so know that think I'm nuts!


  1. My mom used to tell me the same thing about cookie dough & worms in my belly... maybe she just wanted to eat it all for herself..

    Now, I just take my chances!

  2. Sounds like a rockin good weekend other than the zit...LOL
    Don't feel bad I'm 44 and I still get those ugly things.

  3. To heck with worms! They've got meds for that... rock the dough! Especially if its oatmeal cookie dough. I can't stay outta that stuff!

    Look at you Queen of Clean! YIPPIE! On the decision. Gotta keep us posted on how things run...or at least me anyway cuz I'm so cool like that (its okay ya' can be jealous if you want to....)

    I SO need to get an apron. I've been known to use chip bag clips to clip dish towels to myself. HA! Necessity is the mother of invention...or some crapola like that. I know! You should have a ROCKIN (that must be my word today) APRON giveaway!

    Speaking of which... I gotta get into the new books... ciao

  4. Wow Poser, I love seeing so many pictures of you. I love the apron look. It is way cute. Oh zits are not my friend either. If you find a cleaning fairy send her my way. Have a great day. I made it to Texas. I got to sneak on the computer for a second. Yeah.

  5. whatta good woman you are! you cleaned on sat... i'm very jealous!!!

  6. Hey I take pics of myself all the time . LOVE it! Too cute! Keep on mommas Keep on ! LOL


  7. LOL my mom tells me the same :P yea yea LOL but for some really weird reason I get nervous when my kiddo eats it LOL
    Now you know how fun most of my weekend are LOL well I clean ugh...
    Zits??? LOL again I thought it only happens to me ;) all the time...
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  8. Glad you got some cleaning done. I wish someone would like a match under my butt! Great pictures.
    So I had to enlarge the photo to see the zit! (no big deal) Looking foward to your news!

  9. You crack me up. I am with you on the whole laundry thing. Sometimes I even end up having to wash the same stupid clothes over because I left them in the basket so long my husband felt it necessary to dig through the basket and not pick up what fell out and then clean gets mixed with dirty...and well,you know. Ugh.
    I'm a zit face too. No worries. I love posts like these, it makes me and my hectic life feel SO much less alone!

  10. I need an Alice too! I hate cleaning and I do it every single day! It makes me crazy!!!!

  11. Hey I just came across your blog today. I have a couple giveaways going on my blog this week if you want to stop by and check them out. Its a new blog so I love support! :)

  12. did I miss something?? Where is the cleaning lady?? You know the one that sucked...but STILL a cleaning lady!!! Agh!

    Yay.. you are still going to church. You said "all". Is hubby going??

    Sounds like a great weekend (especially the cookie dough)

  13. You exhaust me! Stop making me look bad by being so productive!

    Your hair looks super cute, by the way. Love it!!!

  14. Oh yum, Papa Murphy's cookie dough and pizza...absolutely delish! Your hair looks great.

  15. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Caden and Rick sleeping-too cute!

    Good luck with that new adventure! I'm still praying for you! :-)

  16. You're sooo busy! I can't eat cookie dough! I am terrified of salmonella and have no clue why! :)

  17. Oh, best way to have cookies is the dough! BUT since being married to Gary (who HATES when I eat the dough) I have grown to like a good, hot cookie from the oven. Still like my dough too though! LOL!
    Can't even see the zit girl!
    Cute pic of Rick and Caden... Seems like there are tons of Rick like that...? =)
    Glad you've made a decision you are happy with about the job... Can't wait to hear all about it!

  18. Oh, I can't wait to hear the updates!....I must have missed that somewhere.....finally trying to catch up.....
    Love the pics.......great job cleaning!!!
    Love the sleeping boys! (big and

  19. Great post... I love seeing pictures of your boys... all of them the big one and the little ones. You look SO cute in your apron, it is adorable. I hope your working at home is going terrific.
    I love al the self-portraits. Please join my friend Maria's self-portrait Sunday meme... she needs more participants and you are so pretty!! Here is her link:


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