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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekend Wrap Wednesday ~ Life Changes

So big news here on the job front, things have been really slow on my side at work as many of you know. I went to talk to my boss on Friday, to see how things are going since I know I'm really slow and since I'm overhead I knew that it was coming. After talking with him it came clear that instead of keeping me on they would lay me off. Tearfully I knew it was right for the business no hurt feelings. The super sad thing was he made Friday my last day, so I didn't get to say goodbye to a lot. I packed my office gave hugs to a few and ready to start my new path!

It sad to say that only a two people have emailed me to say goodbye. I guess we all say it but when someone leaves you're just happy it wasn't you and then you don't look back. I guess co workers are just that not really life long friends ;(. I am lucky that I do have a few that I will keep in contact with!

My mommy made a yummy meal for me so we headed up there for a little decompression! No worries I'm going to spend more time with the kids and I do have some sidework that will keep me busy! As a good friend told me God works everything out a perfect plan with perfect timing! Thank you Daffy you're amazing and you're always in my corner! Muah

Thank you all of you for your words of encouragement and your emails! I really appreciate it!

Now on to Saturday I worked and the boys took a nap mid day messing with my plans but I finally was able to meet my bloggy friend Lauren for dinner at the outback. It was great to meet her, she is the sweetest thing ever if you haven't check out her blog you must!!! It was so much fun her friends were great and the meal went great. Well that is the boys last 35 minutes before they were bouncing of the chairs, I mean really bouncing! Talk about wanting to climb under the table and hide and not claiming them! Our visit was short but it was a LOT of fun! When they come back they are so coming to my house, you know so I can lock the kids outside and we can have adult time! LOL just playing! (I had to get pictures of the boys before we left)

Oh yeah did I mention I was an hour late getting to dinner! Yup that would because I went out the door with my purse, camera and phone in hand. One problem the keys where in the house! Rick was working a 1/2 hour away so we had to wait for him to show up! UGH, thanks Lauren for being so kind!
Sunday while heading up to a friends house my mom called for us to stop by. Mom was out working in her rose garden (bottom left is a part of it). When I looked at the grape Arbor (top left) and all the grapes. Some how I got the bright idea to pick some. My favorite little statues mom has it looks like naked people dancing, mom says it's her and dad!
So here I am (mind you in my church clothes still). Yes that is dirt and who knows what in my hair! There were tons of grapes! I barely made a dent, but me and ladders are not friends. My friend is a home wine maker so I brought these over as a house warming gift (they just moved into a beautiful new house).
Monday was field trip day again at Cole's school. His budy was Tyler this time, he went in my car (oh yeah I was a driver). The kids had so much fun! Now Farmer Jon was awesome, Farmer Michelle not so much (I remember her from last year, not friendly). The kids enjoyed a hay ride around the farm!
The farm and all the amazing sites to see. That sunflower was like 10 ft tall no lie! We even saw purple carrots! Did you know they were the first carrot ever, yup Farmer Jon told us about it very cool story! A very cool farm I really would like to go again and pick up some goodies!

The many friends we met at the farm, a few of them were walking around! The kitty was so lovey and let all the kids pet her! They even had bee's (green boxes below) they sell honey in their store! The doggy was very sweet, he even went for a ride in the tractor! The kids got to feed the chickens and the goats!
Cole showing off his raspberry :). The kids each got a pumpkin, some carrots they picked and apples! And for my troubles yup those are my dirty shoes. I so should have wore my rain boots, they are super cute too, they have whales on them :).
Wow sorry for the long post, more to come about me working at home and enjoy the kids! Have a wonderful day, sorry I haven't commented more today my first week at home kids and working not a lot of time for me ... LOL doesn't that just sound wrong! LOL next week will be better!


  1. so sorry about the job. while i wasn't laid off, i do know how difficult it is. i'm trying to figure out my next move--it hasn't come to me yet!! lol i also know about co workers being just that-co workers. i was hurt for a minute after i left, but got over it pretty quickly! that field trip looks awesome, btw!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I still feel bad about Friday, but you are going to really enjoy being with the little guys more! :-)

  3. The farm looks like so much fun. We're wanting to take Girl to a pumpkin patch nearby. We were going to do it last weekend but the weather was icky cold. This weekend is suppose to be like 25 degress warmer than last ( in the midwest - you don't like it? Wait 10 minutes, it'll change). Anyshizle, you know I'm always in your corner but I'm not the only one. The Big Guy has you covered more than any of us down here could possibly imagine.

    MUAH Back At Ya! SPRINKLES!!!!

  4. Sorry about the job, but I know brighter things will jump on your plate. The farm looks like a grand time! Should have worn your clogs.
    Meeting a bloggy friend is awesome and I hope it works that we get to meet. I know I won't be that close but hope you get a chance to make it down.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your job. I was in your same shoes almost a year ago. Like you, I knew it was coming - our company was struggling and if it was my company I would have let me go too. It hurts just the same. Better days are ahead. I'll be praying for you. **Hugs!**

  6. Love all the pics...

    Sorry to hear about the job - but sounds like you were prepared for it.... & yeah - its a rare thing to have a co-worker stay good friends. Its possible - but rare!

  7. i am so sorry about your job.. but daffy is right... God does work in amazing ways! give it time honey... things ALWAYS, ALWAYS work out some how or another.. i'm thinking of you!

  8. The pumkin patch looks like it was fun. Love the grapes, how sweet of you to take them to your friend.
    Sorry about the job. :(
    How wonderful that you got to meet Lauren, so happy for you. (Girl you have to take a deep breathe and slow down alittle so you can remember your keys next time)

  9. Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Being laid off really stinks :( Hang in there!

  10. Sorry to hear that you were let go from your job. And wow, those kiddos look happy on their field trip. Great pictures.

  11. I am sorry about your job. This economy is just awful. I hope everything works out for you.

    Of course, I am all for pictures of goats!

  12. The farm looks like SO much fun!!
    Can't believe all of those grapes at your moms... Does she pick many or do they just die and fall off the vine?
    You'll be just fine without that job... I know you will. Keep having faith!

  13. I was laid off from work the day after I returned from maternity leave. It was a bit of a shock but I was able to get unemployment and stay home with my new baby and everything turned out great. I was happy I ended up being a Stay at home mom.

  14. I am glad everything is falling into place. I used to pick grapes with my Papa and it sure was fun. Really purple carrots. Wow...
    What a fun trip you had at the farm. I really love all of the pictures. Glad you met a blogging friend. Have a great rest of the week. Keep up the great work Poser I am proud of you.

  15. Sorry about the job, but everything will work out for you...I just know it!

  16. I'm sorry about your job. I think it's great that you have such a positive attitude! Great pics, too!

  17. I wish you so many blessings in this job change.......hoping for good, good things.....

    Love the naked dancing I want to see those whale boots!....

    Ok, so now you see how the more you are home, the less time you have!!!.......

  18. Did you mention this before and I missed it? I am so so sorry! I know it hurts that only two people emailed, but I KNOW that some people just don't know what to say, they don't want to rub it in your face, or feel bad for you, or whatever. You are way too loveable for anyone to not care that you are gone!

    Keep that good attitude, it will only take you good places!

  19. My goodness girlie you were busy! That farm field trip looks like SO much fun! You really do have the cutest kids, lol. Thanks for our little shout out today! I'm doing my post tomorrow, so swing on by. :)

    I know it sucks about your job, but you really did seem happy with the prospect of this new one, and I have total faith that things always work out for the best. I really wish you the best with it!

  20. I'm so sorry. As far as them not emailing you they might feel uncomfortable. I'm sure they don't want to feel like they are rubbing your nose into the fact that they still have a job.

    Everything else looks like fun :)

  21. Sorry you ended up getting layed off, but glad you have something set up at home and that you are going to get to spend time with the kiddos. Like going on school trips, like the farm which looks like so much fun. Wish you did wear the rain boots, I want to see them!! So glad you got to have a nice dinner (minus the chair bouncing) with Lauren, it looks like a great time! Those grapes look beautiful, I want some of that wine.. :-)
    Hope you have a great week and everything works out wonderfully with you working from home and being with the kids!! {{Hugs}}

  22. That farm looks like it was THE place to go. But purple carrots??

    Do you have enough grapes to contract out to Welch's or something? We have a lot of locals contracted to them.

    So lame with the coworkers. That's not even nice at all.

  23. Well...this is my fault. I prayed qutie a bit for you hoping that things would settle down and you would have more time...goodness I didn't know I had a bat phone to God or I would have been a bit more specific! But seriously I hope this is working out for you. I am proud of you for keeping your chin up! *Hugs* (I saw you mention layoff in your post today and had to come back and check out what went on.)


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